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We Keep Growing: Meet Our Communications Director

Meet Mila Staneva

Please welcome the latest addition to the team: our first-ever Communications Director Mila Staneva. In this newly established position, Mila Staneva will oversee MojoHost’s internal and external communication, develop new strategic media relations, and expand the audience reach.

What is a Communications Director and why do we need one?

MojoHost is constantly growing and striving to get better at everything we do: from cutting-edge technology to the unparalleled 24/7 support we offer. Effective communication is paramount to reaching your goals. We want to expand our global reach even further, forge even stronger relationships with our customers and partners, and share our expertise and Good Mojo with more people.

Meet Mila: A Fresh Perspective Backed Up With Marketing Expertise

Mila Staneva brings a wealth of experience to the role, working in Marketing, PR, and Communications for over ten years. With a proven track record of driving successful communication strategies, Mila will play offense on MojoHost’s team. She will steer the much-loved brand into additional markets. With a knack for enchanting storytelling, social media prowess, and a fresh perspective, Mila will advance MojoHost’s self-service, hyper-scalable cloud infrastructure to compete directly against AWS, Azure, and GCP. Our MojoVPS, built on blazing fast AMD Ryzen technology, with unlimited bandwidth, PCI 4.0 NVMe storage, allowing capacities of up to 7 Terabytes. All of that quality at pocket-friendly prices.

Mila has seen it all: from corporations to startups, marketing products from protein bars to games. If you talk to her long enough, she will probably quote Terry Pratchett or The Office. When she is not traveling or planning her next trip, she likes to read books on sunny balconies surrounded by succulents and cacti.

Conquering New Frontiers

With Mila on board, we want to present our quality hosting services to new markets and expand on our value proposition. We will discover new ways to deliver the high-quality hosting our customers know and rely upon. Mila will work closely with the executive team to ensure a cohesive and unified messaging approach across all channels. Together they will develop new strategic media relations to extend the audience reach of new MojoHost content and services. Adding a Communications Director emphasizes MojoHost’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and effective communication as essential elements of its future strategy.

Mila is already working on new promotions featuring discounts so stay tuned and keep an eye on your inbox.

Join us in giving Mila a warm welcome as she takes MojoHost’s communication to the next level! You can contact Mila using our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Or simply by emailing mila @ .

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