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Photo of U.S. Supreme Court at night

US Supreme Court Agrees to Hear MojoHost Supported Texas AV Constitutional Challenge

Screenshot of court document

MojoHost is thrilled to share this morning’s breaking news: the United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear the constitutional challenge to Texas’ unconstitutional age verification bill. MojoHost is proud to have funded the Woodhull Freedom Foundation’s participation in this critical fight, and we eagerly anticipate the next battle in this ongoing struggle. As we celebrate Independence Day, let us remember that freedom isn’t free. Our ancestors and troops, both abroad and at home, have paid the ultimate price to maintain our liberties and inspire greater freedoms worldwide.

By being a loyal MojoHost customer, you are contributing to this important legal battle, and we thank you for your support. Please help MojoHost grow its audience by finding more customers, ensuring we are ready for whatever comes next. Additionally, if your company is not yet a sponsor or member of the Free Speech Coalition, please consider membership or a charitable contribution. This battle poses an existential threat to our rights of free speech, privacy, and more. It is imperative to support future solutions that genuinely protect children through appropriate legislation and technologies without infringing upon our rights.

Thank you for being part of this journey with MojoHost. Let’s continue to help more businesses improve their hosting and be prepared for the future, because #ThatsGoodMojo.

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