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About MojoHost

Learn more about MojoHost and why we are different from other hosts.

Our Good Mojo

Take a deep dive into what makes MojoHost a great hosting provider.

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Good Mojo

Brad Mitchell, founder of MojoHost, has risen to iconic status in the industry, a testament the #ThatsGoodMojo mantra. This philosophy is has become a way of life and business, reflecting true commitment to integrity and customer service. Mitchell’s leadership and adherence to these principles have set a benchmark for quality and ethical business practices in the industry.

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MojoHost is located at significant data centers in the Americas and Europe with it’s new technologies and exceptional support teams. Experience our Noction™ optimized network and learn why we easily delivery a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

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A lifetime of great business practices and reliable hosting has Mojohost honored with more awards than any other web hosting service provider.

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Our customers love us, and so will you! See what our customers have said about their experience trusting MojoHost with their online businesses.

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The Mojojito

Drinks anyone? Famous for decades of legendary and personable hospitality, founder Brad Mitchell shares his recipe for a proper “Mojo”ito.

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Legal Information

MojoHost’s legal documents, policies and warranties. MojoHost’s exceptional business practices and legal representation protect the company and it’s customers.

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Mojo Add-Ons Logo - White sans-serif type with cog and yin yang symbol as letter o in MojoSoftware Licensing

Our team has worked hard to simplify your life. This is why we have wholesale agreements with many of the most common server plugins and add-ons, which saves you time and effort of installing them.

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Mojo Support Logo - White sans-serif type with cog and yin yang symbol as letter o in MojoManaged Services

MojoHost offers three tiers of affordable, expertly skilled, web hosting support for your server administration needs: Basic, On-Demand, and Complete.

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