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Digital Rights Protection

Catch the thieves stealing and re-posting your content. Proprietary Poizen® technology forensically signs videos as they are delivered by MojoCDN, allowing true identification of your authenticated member.

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Create. Protect. Prosper.

It’s no secret that success today requires substantial time, money, and investment to create unique and original content. Satisfying surfers enough to convert sales and retain them as subscribers is absolutely the highest level of business difficulty online. As if competing against a seemingly endless amount of free content wasn’t difficult enough, your business life is further complicated by content thieves monetizing on your hard work. MojoSign is critical part of a successful strategy that you can deploy to effect change on the internet, increasing your profits and reducing piracy.

  • Includes Global CDN
  • Includes Transcoding
  • Includes Integration
  • Includes Full Support
  • Includes Transcoder Storage
  • Includes User Detection Technology
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MojoSign® is powered by Poizen® Technology

Your thieves can run, but they can no longer hide.

Plan Included Transfer Included Streams Monthly Price Add’l Transfer
Creator 10,000 GB 100,000 $245 $.01 per GB
Pro 10,000 GB 300,000 $495 $.01 per GB
Veteran 10,000 GB 1 Million $995 $.01 per GB
Studio 10,000 GB 2 Million $1595 $.01 per GB
Agency 10,000 GB 4 Million $2495 $.01 per GB
Enterprise 10,000 GB > 4 Million TBD TBD
$245/ Month

+$495 One-Time Setup Fee

10 TB Transfer
100,000 Streams

MojoSign® Benefits

Deploying MojoSign gives site owners and it’s content creators a tremendous number of benefits, in addition to improving streaming and download experience using MojoCDN, which features delivery from 53 locations across 6 continents.

  • Protection of Intellectual Property: MojoSign helps safeguard creators’ intellectual property by ensuring that their content is not used without proper authorization, maintaining the value and integrity of their work.
  • Monetization and Revenue Security: By controlling how content is distributed and accessed, MojoSign ensures that revenue streams from content are not compromised by unauthorized use or distribution, directly benefiting the rightful owners.
  • Enhanced Legal Enforcement: With MojoSign, it’s easier to legally enforce copyrights as it provides clear, trackable data that can prove unauthorized usage and distribution, aiding in legal proceedings against violators.
  • Market Exclusivity: MojoSign helps maintain market exclusivity, allowing content creators and distributors to retain competitive advantages by limiting access to content through controlled environments.
  • Consumer Trust: Consumers are assured of receiving authentic content, which helps in building trust between content creators and their audience, ensuring a loyal customer base.
  • Data Analytics: MojoSign systems can collect data on how content is being accessed and used, providing valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences, which can guide marketing strategies and content development.

Using MojoSign as part of a larger strategy of Digital Rights Management is key to successfully fighting content theft. With the added benefit of a turnkey, fully supported integration to a true global CDN, it’s impossible to beat the overall value MojoSign delivers with its transparent pricing and technological advantages.

MojoSign® is Resilient

MojoSign is thoughtfully engineered and delivered by a global cloud of MojoHost connected services to ensure the best performance, reliability and scalability.

MojoSign® Connects

MojoSign connects to the most popular Content Management Software (CMS) from a long list of vendors. With extensive APIs, experience, and connectivity, our engineering team will facilitate successful integration into your environment.

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