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Built With Your Future In Mind.

The leading global provider of high-performance web hosting solutions in Cloud, VPS, and Dedicated hosting infrastructures.

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Hourly Resource Billing, AMD EPYC, NVMe Storage, Cheap Data Transfer

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MojoDedicated Servers

Featuring the first gigabit FREE and the fastest, most future-forward dedicated server options.

AMD Ryzen
$349.88 / mo

Passmark CPU Score 62,977

  • AMD Ryzen 7950X
  • 16 Cores, 32 Threads
  • Up to 192GB DDR5 RAM
  • 960GB-60TB NVMe
AMD Threadripper
$799.88 / mo

Passmark CPU Score 80,866

  • AMD Threadripper 3990X
  • 64 Cores, 128 Threads
  • 256GB DDR4 RAM
  • 960GB-19TB NVMe
$1199.88 / mo

Passmark CPU Score 122,091

  • AMD EPYC 9654
  • 96 Cores, 192 Threads
  • Up to 768GB DDR5 RAM
  • 960GB-300TB NVMe Storage
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AMD Ryzen Processors, NVMe Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Global Availability

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Reliable Infrastructure

Leverage the best of everything for your business with confidence.

Love & Support

Select un-managed, on-demand, or full support for your online business.

Highest Performance

We love to embarrass the competition with our benchmarks!

Learn Why Our Network Is Faster.

Not technical? That’s OK! We will teach you.
Watch MojoHost President Brad Mitchell explain why MojoHost’s network is the fastest in providing high-quality, reliable service.

The Last Host You’ll Ever Need.

MojoHost takes such great care serving its clients that we have 100% confidence in your complete satisfaction. We don’t require contracts to keep customers, our excellent service and fair pricing guarantees that we will grow together for the life of your business.

We Own Our Network

MojoHost’s System Number (ASN) is 27589. Directly connected to the largest networks and peering exchanges in the world with terabits of capacity 90,000 IP addresses.

You Will Love Support

With 40+ full-time server admins with an average of 7+ years of experience each, we will keep your business online and operating at peak efficiency at all times.

We Are Expert Movers

Celebrating 25+ years of moving clients from other web hosts, you can rely on MojoHost to provide a seamless migration experience for environments of all sizes and complexity.

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