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Good Mojo

Learn more about what’s behind our #GoodMojo. MojoHost hosting is so good, we had to trademark That’s Good Mojo™ and Got Mojo™ to describe our philosophy and services properly.

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What Is Good Mojo?

Good Mojo™ is more than just a catchy phrase: it is a feeling, a mantra, an ethical principle; moreover, it is the way of life at MojoHost. We believe in putting the customer first, and doing right by others whenever possible. There is no better feeling than a client choosing to continue hosting with us year after year not because they have to, but because we have earned their loyalty and business. This is the epitome of That’s Good Mojo™

Mojo Has Many Meanings

Magical Charm or Spell: Traditionally, “mojo” refers to magical charm or spell, believed to bring good luck or magical powers.

Personal Power or Influence: In a more contemporary way, “mojo” describes personal charisma, influence, or appeal.

Enthusiasm or Energy: It can also refer to someone’s energy, drive, or enthusiasm for life or a particular activity.

In the context of our brand, “mojo” is meant to convey power, effectiveness, integrity, and our special “magic” touch.

Go Above and Beyond

Since 1999, MojoHost has worked tirelessly to provide the best service and put customers first. MojoHost clients range in size from startups to the largest internet brands. Understanding each has their own unique needs and rising to meet them, #ThatsGoodMojo™

Experience That Delivers

With 24 years of expertise, MojoHost offers unparalleled results. Our seasoned professionals are adept in the latest technologies to ensure reliable, performant, and scalable solutions. MojoHost sets the gold standard in service at great prices.

Succeed Together

At MojoHost, collaborate closely with our clients, not just meeting but also contributing to the growth of their businesses. Our dedication is evident in the impressive results we achieve together, a commitment so strong that the majority of our new customers come from satisfied client referrals. We uphold a 100% satisfaction guarantee because #ThatsGoodMojo

We Give Back

MojoHost has a long history of corporate responsibility, sponsoring The Free Speech Coalition, Pineapple Support, and the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP). It’s President, Brad Mitchell, serves on the board of Pineapple Support and ASACP. Mitchell is passionate about protecting children from age-restricted content, supporting performer mental health, and advocating for Free Speech.

That’s Good Mojo™ Guarantee

MojoHost sets itself apart from other hosting providers with its unique approach of not requiring long-term contracts, thanks to the confidence instilled by their That’s Good Mojo™ guarantee. This guarantee is a testament to their unwavering commitment to delivering services of such exceptional quality that customers naturally choose to stay, without the need for binding agreements. At MojoHost, they’re not just hosting websites; they’re fostering lasting partnerships built on trust, excellence, and the assurance that their services will consistently exceed expectations, making the thought of moving your business elsewhere unimaginable.

No Sh*tty Contracts

MojoHost doesn’t require commitments or auto-renewing contracts because we know that our efforts are the best and they ensure client success for the life of their business. We do well by our customers, and they have no reason to leave. That’s why we don’t require contracts because we #GotMojo™

99.999% Uptime

Discover reliability with MojoHost’s 99.999% Network Uptime Guarantee. Small and “budget” hosts simply can’t compete in the same league. Choose us for a hosting experience where exceptional uptime is not just a goal, but a standard.

Premium Support

At MojoHost, we stand out with our team of seasoned, senior support engineers, each bringing a wealth of experience. Our commitment to quality means never facing the frustration of dealing with low-level or unqualified personnel. You’re guaranteed expert assistance from pros who understand your needs with the skills to efficiently resolve any issue.

Free Website Migration

Choose Complete Support and experience a seamless, white-glove migration process. Our expert team takes on the entire burden of your transition, ensuring a worry-free experience. From start to finish, we handle every detail with precision and care, eliminating the headaches and complexities typically associated with moving.

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