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Scalable Cloud Storage

S3 Compatible Object Storage
Network Attached Storage to Select Servers

Pay less for your hot, cold, and archival storage!

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Our Storage is Awesome

Storage and data transfer costs from cloud hosting from companies such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud have become the largest IT expense for many companies. Stop the insanity and enjoy great rates with MojoStorage!

  • Scales Instantly
  • Simple Pricing
  • Unlimited Objects
  • Billed in Arrears
  • Usage Calculated Last Day of Month
  • Inexpensive Data Transfer Rates
$1.00 / Month

S3 Compatible Object Storage

  • $0.023 per GB Storage in Use
  • $0.005 per GB Outbound Data Transfer
  • NO CHARGE for Inbound Data Transfer
MojoFire for MojoCDN
$1.00 / Month

S3 Compatible Object Storage

  • $0.023 per GB Storage in Use
  • $0.0025 per GB Outbound Data Transfer
  • NO CHARGE for Inbound Data Transfer
$1.00 / Month

S3 Compatible Object Storage

  • $0.0055 per GB Storage in Use
  • FREE Data Transfer <= GB Stored
  • $.004 per GB Transfer >GB Stored
  • NO CHARGE for Inbound Data Transfer
$1.00 / Month

S3 Compatible Object Storage

  • $0.0036 per GB of Storage in Use
  • FREE Data Transfer
  • NO Public WWW Access
$100.00 / Month

Network Attached Storage Service

  • Includes 1 TB
  • Scalable to 100+ TB
  • No Data Transfer Costs
  • High IOP/s NVMe Storage
  • Connects to Ryzen 7K, EPYC, TR

MojoStorage® Explained

MojoStorage offers S3 compatible object storage with three distinct tiers: hot, cold, and archival, catering to various data access needs:

  • The MojoFire hot tier is designed for frequently accessed data, delivering fast performance with lower latency, making it ideal for active workloads.
  • The MojoIce cold tier suits less frequently accessed data, offering cost-effective storage solutions with reasonable access times and free data transfer for users with transfer less than the total GB stored.
  • The MojoVault archival tier is the most economical, suitable for long-term data retention with no publicly accessible data and free data transfer when customers require access to this storage.

A standout feature of MojoStorage is its competitive edge in performance and cost; it boasts rapid data retrieval speeds and significantly lower data transfer rates compared to AWS. This cost-efficiency, coupled with high performance, makes MojoStorage an attractive option for businesses looking to optimize their cloud storage expenses while maintaining quick access to their data.

MojoStorage® is Resilient

Cloud storage excels in delivering rapid data access and robust resilience, ensuring data integrity and swift retrieval. Its scalable nature allows businesses to adjust their storage capacity with ease, adapting to fluctuating data demands without the need for extensive physical infrastructure.

AWS S3 API Compatible

MojoStorage is S3 compatible object storage offering a versatile and standardized way to store and manage large amounts of data, adhering to the Amazon S3 API for compatibility and integration ease. It enables businesses to leverage scalable, durable, and secure storage solutions that can be accessed and managed through familiar S3-like interfaces, ensuring broad compatibility with existing applications and services.

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Seamlessly store millions of files beyond the limitations of traditional storage and grow your business without limitations.

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