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Cloud Hosting

Pay less for your cloud hosting with MojoCloud.

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Yes, Our Cloud Is Really Awesome!

Did you know that costs from cloud hosting from companies such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud have become the largest IT expense for many companies?

Did you know that, businesses like yours spend more money than they should, and those costs are only going to accelerate?

  • Scales Instantly
  • Simple Pricing
  • Unlimited Objects
  • Billed in Arrears
  • Usage Calculated & Billed Last Day of Each Calendar Month
MojoFire Object Storage
$1/ mo
  • $0.023 per Gigabyte of Storage in Use
  • $0.005 per Gigabyte of Outbound Data Transfer (Data to Internet/CDN)
  • NO CHARGE for Inbound Data Transfer (Data from Anywhere)
MojoFire Object Storage for MojoCDN Customers
$1/ mo
  • $0.023 per GB Storage in Use
  • $0.0025 per GB Outbound Data Transfer to MojoCDN/Internet
  • NO CHARGE for Inbound Data Transfer
MojoIce Object Storage
$1/ mo
  • $0.0055 per Gigabyte of Storage in Use
  • $0.00 per GB Transfer <= GB Stored, $.004 per GB Transfer Overage
  • NO CHARGE for Inbound Data Transfer (Data from Anywhere)
MojoVault Object Storage
$1/ mo
  • $0.0036 per Gigabyte of Storage in Use
  • FREE Data Transfer
  • NO Public WWW Access


I’m sure you’re pretty busy these days, but are you happy with how much you are spending on your current cloud environment? If you’re spending more than $10k per month, its definitely time to consider MojoCloud private cloud architecture and object storage. We can save you 50% or more off your current costs.

We understand that moving providers may sound difficult, but we will move your website and we’ll do it free of charge. Our service comes with the Good Mojo Guarantee – if you aren’t happy with our cloud solution for your business, we’ll move you back to your old provider.

MojoCloud® Cloud Computing

Hosting Above & Beyond! Private Cloud Architecture at a fraction of the cost of big cloud companies. MojoCloud is leading edge cloud hosting technology with superior performance, reliability, and value.

MojoCloud® Object Storage

Object Storage with everyday low prices. Seamlessly store hundreds of millions of files without the limitations of traditional storage. By uploading data within resources called “buckets” you can store as many objects as you want within that space. You then have the power to read, write, and delete those objects as you desire.

Our Cloud Hosting Products.

Experience our growing cloud computing suite of products. We build superior value public and private cloud computing architecture, plus seamlessly store millions of files beyond the limitations of traditional storage.

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