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CPU optimized VPS plans with Gen4 NVMe storage.

CPU Optimized VPS Plans With Gen4 NVMe Storage

Not all hosting is created equal. Competitors use old dual Xeon servers with slower components to maximize revenue per node. MojoHost sets the bar high by using the most performant hardware: AMD processors, 4th generation enterprise NVMe storage, and DDR4 3200 Mhz ECC memory. Never pay for overages again with unlimited bandwidth on all VPS plans. Enjoy tremendous uptime on our premium, high-performance bandwidth using Noction routing improvement technology. The best service and support in the world has Good Mojo!

  • 100-7,000GB NVMe
  • FREE Volumetric DDOS Protection
$29.99 / mo
  • 2 vCPU 4GB RAM
  • 300Mbps (100TB) Unmetered Transfer
$58.99 / mo
  • 4 vCPU 8GB RAM
  • 600Mbps (200TB) Unmetered Transfer
$86.99 / mo
  • 6 vCPU 12GB RAM
  • 600Mbps (200TB) Unmetered Transfer
$114.99 / mo
  • 8 vCPU 15GB RAM
  • 1Gbps (300TB+) Unmetered Transfer
$149.99 / mo
  • 16 vCPU 30GB RAM
  • 1Gbps (300TB+) Unmetered Transfer
$249.99 / mo
  • 32 vCPU 60GB RAM
  • 1Gbps (300TB+) Unmetered Transfer

Benefits Of VPS Over Dedicated Servers

Why Choose A Virtual Private Server (VPS) Over Dedicated Servers?

Our clients often opt for virtual private servers(VPS) over dedicated servers because they are more affordable, easy to scale, flexible in handling different volumes of traffic, and they can be set up immediately. For most low-to-mid traffic websites, a VPS hosting solution will meet or exceed all their needs and keep the costs low.

For the majority of small to midsize websites, a VPS solution is the best hosting option. It is a middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated servers. Unlike shared hosting, you get a set number of resources allocated to your VPS. You get many of the same benefits as you would when buying a dedicated server for a more affordable price. As your business grows, it’s a very simple process to upgrade hosting packages. MojoHost is known for their industry leading support and can help facilitate any upgrades needed.


VPS Hosting costs a fraction of what dedicated servers do and offers many of the same benefits and advantages.


Users can easily add resources: CPU cores, system memory, additional disk space. They can scale their virtual private servers by adding more memory to a single VPS or nearly immediately creating a new additional VPS instance.


There are very few restrictions on a Virtual Private Server. A VPS gives you complete access into your system so that you can enable, disable, install, or remove any software you wish. You can adjust the configurations exactly to your specifications. With a VPS, you get the advantages of a dedicated server without having to manage its hardware.

How Are VPS Hosting And Dedicated Hosting Different?

Before we compare VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting, we need to understand what they both mean and how they function. Getting started with the right hosting plan is crucial to your website’s success, so let’s get this right.

VPS Hosting

A virtual private server (VPS) uses virtualization technology to divide a dedicated server into several private servers, each having their own dedicated resources such as RAM and CPU. While multiple virtual private servers are sharing space on one physical server, they each can run their own operating systems and have their own dedicated memory.

The huge difference between VPS and shared hosting is that a Virtual Server isn’t affected by resource usage of other tenants. With resources reserved for your exclusive use, you would not suffer if one your neighbors has a traffic spike.

Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server means that you have the entire physical server and all its resources dedicated to your website(s). You have full control over the physical hardware inside your server and the software that’s running on it. You have access to all the resources on the physical server, including the hard drive storage capacity, memory, and processing power.

An Analogy To Compare The Differences Between VPS And Dedicated Hosting

Think of a virtual private server (VPS)

as renting a private room at a restaurant for a special event. Instead of sitting with all the other guests in the open restaurant, you have your own private space reserved for only your guests. You can arrange the room and decorate how you like, but you still share the staff, kitchen, and amenities with the other restaurant patrons.

Think of a dedicated server

as renting out the entire venue for your own exclusive event. There are no other guests and nobody else sending orders to the kitchen and the entire staff is dedicated solely to you and your needs. While this option gives you complete control over the restaurant, it will also be more expensive.

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