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VPS Hosting: When To Move Away From Shared Hosting

A VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server.”

This is a type of server that brings together the benefits of both a shared hosting account and a dedicated server. You get the same cost benefits of sharing server space, but due to the virtualized environment, you get the same benefits and flexibility of having a dedicated server that is just for you. A virtual private server is the next logical step after you outgrow shared hosting, but when do you know that the time is right? Here are some signs.

1. Your site is growing

When you see signs of growth, it’s time to upgrade before the growth overwhelms the shared account. Even well before you reach the limits of your current shared hosting plan, it’s best to get ahead of it and make sure that you have the power you need for your future users, especially if you see positive changes on your stats on a regular basis.

2. You want your site to be faster

So, your site is improving in many ways but you would like to make it even faster. When you have tried a lot of different things and you are still not extremely satisfied with the speed, then moving away from shared hosting is something to try.

3. You want better security

If you are worried about what your host-mates are doing on their corner of the server, then you probably want to go towards VPS. This will make your site more secure because it partitions your data into its own server environment where it can be dealt with however you want it. You are at less of a risk of a security breach due to other businesses on the same server.

4. You want more control

With a virtual private server, you can have more control over your hosting environment than you can with shared hosting. If you find yourself wanting to have more control, like the ability to use the operating system of your choice and use other applications that you prefer. VPS gives you more control overall.

Here at MojoHost, you have the choice of faster SSD VPSs and more capacious HDD VPSs. Want to learn more – read “Is VPS your hosting solution?“.

Contact MojoHost to find out which VPS hosting plan is best for you!

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