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Is VPS Your Hosting Solution?

VPS hosting may sound like just another technical abbreviation but it is one that you may want to pay attention to. It stands for a virtual private server and as the name suggests, it is a virtual server. What does that mean exactly? A virtual private server is similar in some ways to programs that allow you to run several operating systems on the same computer. You have the cost-reducing benefits of sharing a physical server with other customers. However, due to the virtualization of your particular server, you get dedicated resources that can not be affected by your server mates. You also get almost all the customization and privacy of having your own dedicated server. This technology can give you the best of both worlds. As you start a new venture and grow your business toward eventually having its own dedicated servers.

Fully managed hosting is already much cheaper than operating your own server on-site. Sharing a server by choosing to use a VPS is even more affordable. However, when you share server space there are some disadvantages. You never know exactly what type of security risks the other people using that same server could be taking, which may leave you vulnerable to attack too. It’s the difference between driving your own car to work, or getting on a bus full of other people and hoping they all know how to behave themselves.

This said, MojoHost carefully curates our client base to ensure that all of the users form a “good neighborhood”. We do not provide servers to scammers, spam proliferators, and any businesses dealing with illegal activity. Check our Acceptable Use Policy to review what types of activities MojoHost doesn’t allow. We also employ active monitoring to ensure that all VPS accounts have no issues or overloads.

With a virtual private server, you have the affordability of a shared server and all the control of a dedicated server that is only for your business. That’s because you have full control over all the settings. Additionally, there is more privacy between the people who share the storage space. Since it is basically your own server, you have your own set Memory, Storage, and CPU resources. This means you can install whatever applications you want on there. Unlike a shared server environment where you have to deal with sharing resources and whatever applications are already on the server available for you.

VPS is an ideal hosting solution for many people. Especially those who want the benefits of both managed dedicated and shared servers. You can find MojoHost’s SSD VPS and HDD VPS plans in our cart.

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