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The Efficacy Of ProxyPass And PSSO For Protecting Your Paysite

What ProxyPass Does

ProxyPass is an Apache module that defends websites against member-area attacks and violations. Designed to protect both single servers and load-balanced clusters, ProxyPass is the only enterprise-class solution that helps put an end to brute-force cracking and compromised account abuse specifically designed for adult paysites.

With ProxyPass you can prevent a lot of customer-protected content theft and maintain a sound stable system during high resource usage. Due to the highly optimized architecture and detection algorithms, ProxyPass will improve your Apache performance and increase the safety of your user’s content.

Every increase in data access also means there’s an increase in those trying to hack it. ProxyPass is the solution to prevent brute-force cracking attacks, costly bandwidth usage violations, and the very common password-sharing problem. This module will help you maintain the safety of your user’s private information, without forcing you to install programs with higher levels of encryption, or more advanced authentication schemes. Both of these slow down the flow of commerce, which will overall negatively affect your business.

Multiple Sites? PSSO For The Protection Win

Another high-performance Apache module is PSSO. This module provides single-sign-on functionality for cross-server and cross-domain protection spaces. It is fully compatible with basic HTTP and Apache authentication standards, while still further extending them to more uses.

PSSO allows worry-free separation of different types of content across different servers and enables secure licensing of protected content to trusted external member zones. This will allow your customers to have an added sense of security over the content they are viewing, or downloading, from your site.

To keep in the vein of always wanting to go faster, PSSO was designed to eliminate duplicate login prompts for network-of-site membership packages. An added bonus is that this software will solve some media player steaming video bugs where credentials are not shared between the browser and the player. The software directly improves the speed of content delivery, and how protected it is in the process.

The Endgame

The conclusion here is that you’ll want to utilize both ProxyPass and PSSO modules if you have a paysite to ensure the safety of your and your client’s content and the speed with which they can have their needs met. To find out more about Proxypass, visit the developer’s website.

MojoHost offers discounted rates for ProxyPass and PSSO, and you can purchase this software directly on any server order page, or request it during the sales process or via a ticket. The costs are $50 and $35 per month respectively. Exclusive to MojoHost, a lower-cost yet full-featured ProxyPass Lite is available to paysite owners whose active user count is below 250.  Learn more about ProxyPass Lite here.

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