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Proxypass Lite: Exclusive To MojoHost

Password sharing is a prolific problem for websites providing premium access to content or features. Along with content piracy, it delivers a significant blow to the bottom lines of many companies. A tool that provides safeguards against both these abusive behaviors, Proxypass, is one of the choice solutions in our industry.

Besides password sharing and leeching, the software helps fight brute force attacks. A brute-force attack is when someone creates a script that generates a large number of login and password combinations, in the attempt to get a match. These attacks are common for websites regardless of size. Many people use the same credentials across multiple platforms, so once one account is breached, that data is used to breach additional accounts. ProxyPass helps to detect and prevent the brute-force attacks that lead to abuse and piracy.

A partnership between Proxigence – the makers of Proxypass – and MojoHost was created to help websites with a smaller user base. Smaller sites often have more restrictive budgets and therefore security features often become too expensive to afford, regardless of their importance.  Proxypass Lite is available exclusively to MojoHost customers and includes all the features of the regular ProxyPass solution at a 50% discount:

  • Proxypass regular pricing – $50/month
  • Proxypass Lite – $25/month

To qualify for ProxyPass Lite, a website must have 250 members or less.

The ProxyPass solution is essential to help you manage your user base and weed out abusers. The software includes multiple fine-tuning options. MojoHost’s managed customers can request help with configurations and limits applied to the users.

For more information about Proxypass, reach out to us or visit

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