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Our Newest Addition: Roland Grotheer, Your MojoHost European Ambassador

Meet Roland Grotheer

Please give a warm welcome to Roland Grotheer, the European Brand Ambassador for MojoHost. Roland will play a pivotal role in representing MojoHost’s cutting-edge services, emanating from our Netherlands data center and complemented by our state-of-the-art facilities in Michigan and Florida, USA.

Meet Roland Grotheer: A Seasoned Professional in the Industry

Roland Grotheer brings a wealth of experience to his role as MojoHost’s European Brand Ambassador. Since 1999, he has been actively engaged in the webmaster trade, managing various tubes and collaborating on dating sites. His recent position as the Head of Sales for an international dating brand has further enriched his professional background. With a nine-year history as a MojoHost customer, Roland offers not only ambassadorial representation but an honest, firsthand account of his positive experience with MojoHost.

Roland has been in the Industry since the time of VHS tapes and created one of the first online DVD shops in Europe. He is also the man behind the boutique Gaelic WWW Conference: an adult affiliate conference taking place every two years in beautiful emerald Ireland.

Roland dedicates his free time and love to his family and rescue animal sanctuary Imob where dozens of horses, cats, dogs, Guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, and ponies found a safe home. He enjoys reading good books and always carries a towel like a proper galactic hitchhiker.

Spreading the Good Mojo in Europe

We are excited to welcome Roland to the MojoHost team. His industry expertise is invaluable for amplifying awareness of our services, spanning dedicated servers, VPS, cloud instances, cloud storage, and CDN. Our commitment is to extend the same level of care and support we are renowned for in the USA to our European clientele.

Setting a New Quality Standard

Roland, enthusiastic about representing MojoHost in Europe, is eager to showcase our exceptional infrastructure. Our focus on the latest hardware technologies and robust technical support sets us apart. We are not merely service providers; we are committed to establishing a new benchmark for quality in the region.

Our Distinctive Edge in Europe: A Unique Perspective

MojoHost’s differentiators in the European market include generous free bandwidth across all products. Our recently introduced low-latency Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are engineered to deliver unparalleled performance and speed. For businesses in Europe seeking reliable and efficient hosting solutions, MojoHost is the answer.

Let’s go, Vollgas!

Roland’s role as ambassador is centered on promoting our stellar services in the European digital market. We aspire to be more than just another provider; our objective is to elevate standards with high-quality infrastructure, cutting-edge hardware, and exemplary support. In Roland’s words, “Let’s go. Vollgas, as we say in Germany.”

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