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MojoStorage + MojoCDN Bundle For ElevatedX Sites

For many paysite owners, drive upgrades are the tedious facts of life. Often these require full server upgrades and quite a bit of management, not to mention associated downtime and the requirement to constantly keep in mind the amount of storage remaining. Now there’s a way to forever forget about the annoying physical drives. ElevatedX supports fully elastic S3-compatible MojoStorage Object Storage, and of course, we’ve got a great deal to go with it!

MojoHost and Elevated X have partnered on a new “MojoStorage+MojoCDN” bundle for Elevated X clients, which includes cloud storage and premium content delivery network (CDN) service. Combined with a small but powerful server for scripts, this trio can handle much more than a single machine could. MojoStorage means unlimited expandable storage, MojoCDN provides for fast delivery of content, and the server, being relieved of the load of storing and serving content, can focus on running scripts, web processes, and encoding with amazing efficiency.

All existing and future  Elevated X customers who decide to make this transition will be able to run one fast server for scripts and encoding, and as for the content – they’ll pay only for the storage and data they use. And, most importantly, they’ll never run out of storage space, never need hard drive upgrades and their website visitors will enjoy faster video playback and content download speeds, resulting in increased satisfaction. Website owners can also use MojoStorage Object Storage only, if they are using another CDN provider already.

Reach out today and get an assessment of costs and benefits, to decide whether cloud is the right way to go for your business.

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