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CDN: Place Your Content Worldwide

What do we mean by “Worldwide”?

If you are looking for networking and hosting solutions you will likely come across terms that might be unfamiliar to you. A Content Delivery Network (CDN) may be one of those things, but we here at MojoHost are going to tell you all about it! So what is a CDN anyway?

Well, the simple answer is that it is a global network of servers that can deliver information. Typically, whichever server in the network delivers the information to an end-user depends on the location of the user. The closer a user is to the server, the faster your website or app will load.

The reasons for using a CDN are many

First of all, spreading out a system over many servers reduces the stress on any one point in the network. If your content suddenly goes viral and you see a huge surge in traffic, a CDN would help to spread out the load on large files and reduce the likelihood that your site will get overloaded.

CDN also provides more security for your files, as MojoCDN employs signed URLs to ensure that your premium content is even harder to hack.

Additionally, the CDN will lower the amount of bandwidth used by your original server, which would lower your costs for that service. It also helps to reduce latency because the physical distance from the server affects how long it takes for information to reach a computer. By choosing the server closest to the user, a content delivery network ensures a fast connection, which is especially important for media-rich sites with video and high-quality images.

So, who should use a content delivery network?

Well, many different types of businesses use CDNs to ensure the security and safety of their web properties. It is used on both business-to-business websites and consumer-facing sites in many industries. Consumers also appreciate when businesses use a CDN, though they may not always be aware of it because it ensures that their experience on a website will be excellent. Whether you’ve got an e-commerce business, a mobile website, or a media site, you will appreciate the convenience, safety, and ease of a CDN for your online and digital properties.

MojoHost’s MojoCDN

Naturally, MojoHost offers amazing deals on premium and value content delivery networks. We are proud to provide the best support, free setup, and our own unique and fully integrated gateway to make your experience with using CDN simply excellent. See our CDN offers today in the store or reach out to get a quote!

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