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Your Safe Word – Pineapple Support

MojoHost is a proud board member and sponsor of Pineapple Support

Throughout over 20 years of its history, MojoHost has been a socially active member of the adult industry. We believe it is Good Mojo to contribute to the community and so it was an absolute no-brainer to join the tireless efforts of Leya Tanit, a former performer and founder of what is now a well-known non-profit geared towards members of the adult industry, Pineapple Support.

There is no doubt that mental health services for the adult industry are especially important today.  We are both proud and thankful to join over 50 adult businesses and organizations as we all strive to help even more performers and individuals within the adult industry.

What is Pineapple Support?

Pineapple Support is a free emotional support and therapy service for adult industry models and performers. It offers sex-worker-friendly, kink-aware therapists who provide face-to-face and online video therapy sessions.  Operating 24/7, they provide mental health care and emotional support globally to individuals on nearly every continent – no matter their gender, ethnic origin, social status, age, or sexual orientation.

The non-profit’s inception followed a string of tragic losses in the adult industry. It was plain that often no adequate therapy services are available to adult industry performers. Bias and even outright exclusion are prevalent and that makes getting help complicated.

Pineapple Support has come a long way in a short time after launching in April of 2018. As of October 2020, they are now providing support and mental health services to over eighteen hundred performers around the world.  Several hundred volunteers work with over one hundred healthcare providers. The team forges on tirelessly to bring people the help they need.  The organization provides 24/7 online chat, free or subsidized professional therapy, counseling and coaching, free support groups, webinars, and educational resources.

Photo of Pineapple Support crew

How can you help?

There are many ways to contribute to this noble cause. The most straight forward of those is to visit and donate. Volunteering opportunities also exist, so don’t be shy and reach out to the organizers to learn more. Your contribution may save lives.

You can also connect to Pineapple Support on social media:

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