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Why Server Speed Is Important For Increasing Revenues

Think of your own web browsing experiences.

If you are trying to visit a website to buy something, but the site is down or it is taking a long time, you are not really going to end up buying that product, are you? Well, at least the chance of you doing so would go down. Consumers respond very strongly to any delay in the process and speed starts right at the server level. Of course, speed isn’t the only factor in making sure you are maximizing your revenue. You must also pair your speedy website and server with effective content that inspires sales.

Slower websites may have higher bounce rates. The bounce rate refers to what happens when someone visits your site and then leaves very shortly afterward. This is not an effective sales strategy. High bounce rates mean lower sales and lower revenue. Some studies show that if your website takes as much as 3 – 6 seconds to load people will leave! That doesn’t sound very long but it is quite long when you think about your own experiences sitting there waiting for things to happen.

A study with Shopzilla proved that you can improve revenue by 12% by speeding up a website load time from 6 seconds to 1.2 seconds. Yahoo did a similar experiment and increased traffic by 9%, while Mozilla had 2.2 million more downloads by improving speed.

Other experts believe that for every second you increase the speed of a website, you can increase your conversion rate by 2%. This proves that having a speedier website and server will definitely increase revenue. On another level, search engines like Google also factor in the load time of a website and the bounce rate of a page in their search algorithm. As you can see, speed affects not only how users interact with your site but also how it even shows up for people to find it.

So now that you are in the market for some speedy servers, make sure to check out MojoHost’s options. We are always at the forefront of technology with our offerings and work with our clients to get them the speed that they need. Contact us to find out which hosting solution may be perfect for you!

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