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What Is The Noction Platform?

The Internet, comprised of global fiber routes and complex networking, is a complicated place. It’s hard to get around and for the most part, you need to know a lot to do so. However, MojoHost is using a special “Intelligent Routing Platform” that helps us do just that. Imagine that the Internet and Internet routing is like a huge city. It’s the largest, most complex city you’ve ever seen in your life. Well, the Noction platform, in this case, would be a lot like Google Maps.

The Noction platform optimizes traffic routing, bypasses congestion, and outages, monitors the network, and automates border gateway protocol. All of this means that things function better, information gets to its destination faster, for less cost and less time is spent worrying about it. When Noction reports, in real-time, that a route or neighborhood on the Internet has a “traffic jam” or a “road accident”, this route is immediately circumvented. Thus maintaining top delivery speed for all your data. We utilize Noction primarily for quality improvement which means it’s always set to make choices maximizing speed and reducing packet loss. The fact that we use this platform truly puts us a cut above the rest. We are one of the few hosting companies that are using this unique platform. Only the top online businesses in the world use it. Noction boosts your network performance while optimizing your costs and there’s not much that can be better than that.

MojoHost is always at the forefront of technology. We are always looking for things that can help us improve the services we offer to our clients. Hence, our services are more affordable than the competition while being unparalleled in the level of professionalism and service offered. Contact a MojoHost representative to find out which of our hosting plans is right for you!

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