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What Are The Capabilities Of DirectAdmin? Should I Get It?

What is DirectAdmin?

DirectAdmin is a web hosting control panel, and is similar to cPanel, but has several differences in features. DirectAdmin allows people to administer their site and hosting options using a web-based interface. For many people, DirectAdmin is the best choice for doing these things. It allows you to deal with server-side configurations without using tickets, at least for the more basic things. If you are looking to manage up to 100 websites, an unlimited number of email accounts, as well as several other things, DirectAdmin is a control panel that can get the job done.

How does it work?

What it does is it uses automation of tasks to allow information to be easily shared so that the owners of websites can set up and manage sites quickly. There are many features that DirectAdmin has that can benefit users. These features include adding and managing domains, creating and managing email addresses, administering databases, viewing statistics, managing DNS, managing extensions, creating and managing FTP user accounts, backing up site files, and restoring those files, setting up error pages, installing SSL certificates, and much more. There are many basic tools in DirectAdmin, and there are also many advanced tools to assist website creators as well.

What are DirectAdmin’s benefits and requirements?

Another thing that people like about DirectAdmin is the features it includes for resellers and server administrators. The control panel will only run on most Linux web hosting systems (excluding Ubuntu), something to keep in mind when you are selecting a server. Doing your research when choosing a web hosting company is essential, and MojoHost puts all of this information out there for you to review. Take a look at the incredible web hosting services here, and take advantage of the many positives that DirectAdmin offers. DirectAdmin has extensive, informative guides on how to use this control panel, which is another significant benefit.
If you are looking to manage numerous websites, DirectAdmin can assist. It is an extremely popular control panel and one that is used by website creators around the world. Its major pro besides versatility is pricing. The cost of its license is per server and only $5/month, nothing that will take you to the bank. Compared to alternatives, it offers likely the best balance of value and price.

Should you use a control panel?

That said, if you’re unsure how to use this control panel, or have never had experience managing a server, it may be better to choose full management without a control panel. Server management by MojoHost surpasses anything you were ever exposed to with another hosting company. We’ll take care of configurations, setup, monitoring, backups, tuning, patching, upgrades, migrations, and much more. If you’ve never used a hosting control panel and don’t want to start – simply choose the Complete Support Plan and you won’t have to worry about anything having to do with your server, ever again. All your requests will be taken care of with lightning speed and efficiency. When you choose fully managed hosting with MojoHost, you can rest assured your digital business will be in good hands.

Reach out to our sales team and they will help you decide whether or not you should opt for a control panel, and if DirectAdmin is a good solution for you.

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