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The Benefits Of Choosing Dedicated Server As An Infrastructure Solution

When you are choosing solutions for your business and website, you have a few different options. You can choose shared servers in various degrees – from fully shared hosting where you divide resources with a large number of other tenants to virtual servers where your resources are assigned to you, or you can have a dedicated server that is configured specifically for your needs. Making this choice is often complicated, and many benefits and drawbacks must be considered. Going with a dedicated server is the right option for many companies. Here’s why.

First of all, the term dedicated should give you pretty much everything you need to know. The server hardware will not be shared by anyone else so you don’t have to worry about what anyone else is doing. On shared servers, there is the possibility of a virtual traffic jam if one user’s traffic surges which could affect your site too.

When it comes to dedicated servers, you guarantee yourself more uptime. That’s because you don’t have to compromise and share resources with anyone else. Besides, you can set up the configurations exactly as you want them without taking into account your server neighbors. While shared hosting works fine for many small and even medium-sized websites, once your traffic starts to grow and your business becomes more high profile, you will definitely want to have your own dedicated servers to protect from security threats and better manage your own traffic. Plus when you have a shared server, there is always the chance that someone else on your server could be a target for an attack that could affect you too.

Dedicated servers are fully customizable meaning you can load whatever applications and tools you need onto them. With shared servers, you must deal with the environment that is already created there. Usually, hosting companies offer many great tools on shared servers, but those who are aimed at quality and uptime prefer the fully personalized environment of a dedicated server for maximum efficiency.

Plus, when you choose managed dedicated servers from a hosting company like MojoHost, you won’t need to hire systems administrators and front the high costs of having and managing your own server. You let the experts take care of the challenging parts and reap the benefits of having your own physical server dedicated to your endeavors. Still undecided? Tell us more about your project and we’ll help you choose the optimal solution.

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