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Graphic showing black sans-serif type outlined in orange saying That's Good Mojo

The Meaning Of Good Mojo

Our marketing sports hashtags and styled depictions of the phrase “That’s Good Mojo”, but it is far from just a catchy name or a trademark we own. Good Mojo is not an ephemeral matter – it is a part of our company’s decision-making process. Oddly, this makes complicated decisions amazingly simple to make. We ask ourselves “Is this Good Mojo?” – and that quickly determines whether the answer is yes or no.

We believe in Good Mojo and live by it – in our day-to-day work processes, our hiring, strategic choices, and customer-facing policies. It is not Good Mojo to lock people into long-term contracts they are unhappy with. Therefore, MojoHost does not require commitments. Our team works hard every day to make sure our customers are happy and have no reason to leave.

We make not only profit-based but ethical decisions about whom to host. At MojoHost we believe that treating people kindly is a requirement for anyone working here. Bullying, cyber fraud, and shady operations are things we strongly oppose. That is why we will always refuse service to spammers, scammers, and phishing schemes.

Some of our largest customers grew to their current size with us. We’re very proud to provide the foundation for their success. We have special discount policies on services for new business ventures in our effort to support uprising endeavors and help customers bring their dreams to life.

We are human and therefore will help customers through crises, highs, and lows. The COVID situation and resulting economic changes have been testing this principle lately. Some customers reached out and were granted due date extensions if their business was adversely affected by the pandemic.

Most importantly, following the Good Mojo way means we will always do the right thing. Whether it’s treating customers with respect, delivering a high quality of service and support, or being attentive to clients’ needs or requirements – MojoHost will have your back, because That’s Good Mojo.

A full article by Brad Mitchell about how That’s Good Mojo came to be can be found in the Digital Payout Magazine.

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