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We are in the online business over 20 years now and focus on adult entertainment marketing for the last 12. We had lots of different server solutions and for performance and monetary optimization we tested 2 “new” hosting companies every year. I heard a lot of good things about Mojo Host so I decided its “their” turn to be tested. From the first minute Brad (who I knew from many tradeshows before, but never made business with) made me feel like I came home to family. He analyzed our “is” situation, suggested a package, took care of the moving process. There were small issues and problems which his team solved in an extremely professional manner.

The “test” server was running smooth and did what it should and Brad made us a very competitive price – so we decided to move all our business to Mojo Host. That was a rather big move which needed to be organized and executed in perfection cause we had a couple of projects were every hour offline would cost us money. Again: there were some bumps on the way which all were handled and solved fast and professional.

Than one of the biggest challenges in our company history stroked us. We have had a small security hole with our old hoster and this was used back then, to infect our servers. We had them cleaned and thought we are good – after a couple of month with Brad unfortunately the hackers were back and this time they were big. Malware and Scam in almost every directory: backdoors, self-installing files – the whole toolbox of hackers. Mojo Host and we detected it immediately at the same time and what followed was one of the best experiences in my life: Brads and our team worked hand in hand to protect our data, clean our servers, close all security holes, kept the servers operational, secure them for future attacks: it all took weeks and a lot of hours. In the whole time on the stunning Platinum support they never asked for extra money, they never complained – they were just helping and it again felt like I would be a family member.

Today we host everything we have with Mojo and they are one important reason we constantly grow. And we stopped “testing” new hosting companies. We are “home” now and we hope we will be for many years to come.

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