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It’s been a year, or thereabouts, since we moved over to MojoHost and I wanted to take a moment to message you with a huge Thank You.

We fell victim to that DMCA attack and summarily lost our hosting overnight, despite being able to prove that it was fraudulent. It turned out our hosting company had already been dragged over the coals for ignoring valid DMCA and had set a zero tolerance policy. Losing our network overnight was disastrous for a company like ours. It was only by luck that we had a recent back-up because of something else that we were working on – the company would not even allow us access to preserve our content.

Then we moved to Hostkey in an emergency move, based on the word of a co-worker of mine. The following months/year was a running disaster with no support, no English or German speaking support and constant problems, outages.

Moving to MojoHost has been heaven.

The service, knowledge, help, support are beyond expectations. The change for our company is incredible and no longer being required to support our servers 24/7 has allowed us to invest time and money into new projects and ideas.

So often, companies only hear from their clients when all hell breaks loose. So here is a message of thanks to you, your team and this great company. From the moment we started working with your team, a massive weight was lifted from our shoulders. We breathed a collective sigh of relief and thanks.

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