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As a frame of reference I will turn 70 in January. I am definitely not a “tech person” and quite naive regarding the Internet. I built my website in 1998 from the book “Websites For Dummies” as I had no experience with website creation or Internet Providers.

Over the years I’ve bounced between credit card processors and IPs due to the adult content offered on my site. Just when it seemed like everything was working fine with no worries, content policies would change and, just like that, I would be searching for another processor and/or IP. It was frustrating and I learned that Tech Support varied in quality with each IP.

Fortunately, a friend introduced me to Brad Mitchell and MojoHost. In my 20 years operating my website I have never experienced better service. Everyone in Tech Support has been there for me, even at 3am in the morning, to solve my problems.

I must be the least knowledgeable client on the MojoHost list when it comes to tech problems. The Support Techs have consistently taken the time to explain “what happened and why” whenever I’ve experienced a problem. They have never made me feel stupid. I do that all on my own.

If you are reading this and are looking for dependable, friendly, professional and speedy service you will be ecstatic working with MojoHost. Brad Mitchell has assembled an A+ group of Techs and he has been most helpful advising me in keeping my costs low.

Contrary to what my customers believe I am not Scrooge McDuck sitting on a mountain of money. Far from it. I am always looking for ways to cut costs and Brad understands this. In the few times I’ve needed his direction when making an IP related decision Brad has been there for me. He, like his Techs, is another A+ component who understands that LOPACS (Little Old Piss Ant Companies) like me desire dependable service.

Choosing MojoHost as your Internet Provider will be the BEST decision you will make this year.

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