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I have been producing content for almost 6 years. I started from the ground up with no knowledge of anything but the enthusiasm to give it a try. I learned as I went. A friend gave me space on his server for a nominal fee. I used Dreamweaver to build the most simplistic site. The response was good. I tried a CMS Store front to sell my videos. Very clunky, expensive as hell to customize but again a good response from customers.

I upgraded to an economical CMS solution for my membership site and a fabulous CMS store front, SquirrelCart, to sell videos. The economical CMS solution for my membership site started out great but quickly became a nightmare creating way too much stress for me. Customer service was severely lacking and they had complete control of everything.

I went searching again. I found ElevatedX and couldn’t be happier. They thankfully recommended MojoHost.

I am so grateful for your team. Y’all have gone above and beyond my expectations for customer service. Sometimes I ask for advice about an issue because I don’t know who else to ask. You point me in the right direction (ElevatedX or Developer/Programmer) but most times just take care of the issue. MojoHost consistently amazes me. I have a friend who will soon be using ElevatedX and MojoHost. He asked about using a different hosting company other than y’all. I told him he would not find another hosting company as great as MojoHost. He would be doing himself a HUGE disservice if he did not use MojoHost. I raved about you so much that he will be using your service too. I constantly recommend MojoHost. I feel like I have finally arrived at the best place I can be. I can concentrate on all the other aspects of running my business knowing my sites are being handled by the best.

It has been an absolute pleasure being your customer.

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