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I have been a client of MojoHost since 2005, beginning with MojoHost being one of the four or five webhosting companies the company I was Director of Business Development of utilized.

We had dozens of web servers spread across multiple webhosts, with at least two dozen of these servers being hosted with MojoHost. This included many dedicated servers as well as at least a half dozen that we set up as shared servers that we hosted for others. Currently, I am a solo operator and currently have shared hosting with MojoHost, hosting maybe 10 websites.

The point of the backstory is to stress that at one point we were spending thousands of dollars every month with MojoHost, and today I am spending the equivalent of a couple Starbuck’s venti lattes per month. While someone that is spending thousands of dollars every month might feel entitled to receive top-tier support, which MojoHost always delivered, today I am an average Joe and the level of support I currently receive has not changed one iota.

When reselling servers like we were, there are multiple fingers getting involved, with varying levels of expertise; in other words, there is plenty of opportunity for someone to screw something up. It really helps to have support at the level MojoHost provides.

While I have fewer reasons to contact support these days, since mine are the only fingers getting involved, I still have occasion to reach out to MojoHost support, usually due to my screw-up or my failing to update a script or something. It does not matter if I reach out to them at 9:00 AM or 1:00 AM; MojoHost is always quick to respond with a solution or a suggestion. When I ventured out as a solo webmaster, it was not a hard decision when it came to deciding which of the webhosting companies I would utilize for my personal websites. It is for this reason that I highly recommend MojoHost for all your webhosting needs.

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