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Server and Website In-Depth Monitoring for Your Peace of Mind

A good monitoring system

A server is far more complicated than a light bulb that just works as long as it has electricity coming to it. Networks, servers, applications, and infrastructure need more than just electricity to work, and so all of these potential points of failure must be watched carefully.

Different issues can affect servers and networks. A server might work fine and respond to all queries correctly, but very slowly, or respond quickly but incorrectly, or, which is usually much harder to track down – the problem might be at the level of individual websites or even parts of those websites. This may happen due to issues with hardware, network, or software. The number of possible problem scenarios can be very large.

All this needs to be detected and prevented effectively. A good monitoring system can do it easily. This system will test how well hardware, software, applications, networks, and specific websites work. Even small troubles in infrastructure can cost a lot of money and web reputation.

What Does Regular Monitoring Do?

The key point of monitoring in hosting is to check whether all its elements are healthy, active and working properly. Monitoring tracks down the way a network works from practically all sides. It helps sysadmins detect issues related to servers, routers, software, connection, bandwidth, traffic, and so on. Such surveillance has obvious benefits – you are immediately alerted when something goes wrong. For example, in the event of a network problem, network administrators can address the issue and solve it as soon as it is detected, preventing major outages by means of timely notifications from the monitoring system.

The trick with monitoring is that it must be calibrated to do its job well. Too many notifications about false alarms will swell the queue of tasks and might result in a longer outage of a real problem. MojoHost has 22 years of experience in doing 24/7 monitoring for our customers, and our stellar sysadmins have a sixth sense for what is going on in their environment. They keep an eye on every process and service that can be tracked down and work with our customers to set up the checks that are useful and not superfluous.

MojoHost’s Complete server management plan includes round the clock monitoring and automatic response to problems that are detected. Many of our customers who choose complete server management opt for a fine-grained monitoring called text string monitoring.

How Does Text String Monitoring Work?

Most good hosting companies monitor things like hardware health, database issues, resources (RAM, CPU, storage) and networks. These constitute the basic required scope of the host’s awareness if they offer quality hosting solutions. Text string monitoring is far more granular. The idea of text string monitoring is that the system is tuned to check webpages for something on them that doesn’t change. It is normally a line of text somewhere close to the bottom of the page that is there unchangingly. The check happens regularly, and so if ever a particular website is slow to respond or down completely, even if everything else on the server and network looks fine and healthy, the sysadmins at MojoHost would be alerted to the problem and address it immediately.

Text string monitoring isn’t something most hosting companies offer as it might make the work of their tech teams too tedious, but MojoHost is always ready to go above and beyond what is commonly expected. All managed MojoHost customers can and are urged to request text string monitoring for any of their websites. Maximizing uptime is MojoHost’s top priority #ThatsGoodMojo

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