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Network-Wide Volumetric DDoS Protection Included For All Customers

We’ve rigorously tested, tediously fixed, devotedly improved, double, triple, and quadruple-checked, and now we’re ready to make the announcement! Team MojoHost is thrilled to unveil what we’ve been working on for several months. After the successful testing and a multi-stage roll-out process, MojoHost now includes network-wide DDoS protection for all customers, at no extra cost to you!

What are Volumetric DDOS attacks?

Volumetric DDoS attacks are threats that flood inbound links to the point where the server can’t receive any more requests. They are precisely the first thing people think of when hearing the acronym “DDoS”. Distributed Denial of Service attacks occur when an attacker uses thousands or even hundreds of thousands of compromised servers, personal computers, or connected “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices like cameras and smart doorbells to send countless fake network packets to a server. Those incomplete network handshakes and other packets consume server resources. They saturate the network, so legitimate requests cannot make it through to the origin website. There are many types of server attacks, but Volumetric DDoS are very common and often very devastating.

How does it work?

Most DDoS protection companies offer the “old” solution of temporarily (and infinitely) increasing the bandwidth pipeline to absorb and mitigate DDoS attacks blindly. The website remains online but in a highly inefficient way. That method is part of the reason why DDoS protection is often expensive or cost-prohibitive for individual websites.

The new DDoS protection is enabled by a partnership with Together with Path, Mojohost works to more intelligently battle (and stop) DDoS attacks rather than mitigate them. The latest innovative solution provided identifies, filters, and diverts bad traffic in real time. Instead of individual website owners handling attacks, the unified solution functions at the network level and is accomplished without additional latency unless under attack.

The new solution now employed by MojoHost is reactive. A monitoring system is in place to detect possible DDoS traffic floods. It also automatically re-routes only the IPs under attack, diverting those requests through a particular funnel. Combining efforts, Path and MojoHost utilize advanced statistical modeling and automatic management of routes and network peers. This “smart routing” is the magic that avoids trading speed for safety and protection. The cooperative effort enables blocking attacks closer to where they originate before they even reach the attack target. This technology sends the traffic associated with the attack through a streamlined network tunnel. It detects and filters out all DDoS traffic while keeping your website online for its legitimate users. In essence, the solution acts as a DDoS-specific web application firewall, which will filter all traffic and pass only that which is legitimate back to your server. Once the attack is over, the traffic routing is returned to its original state.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

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