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MojoIce Launches To Outperform Wasabi, Glacier, and BackBlaze

MojoHost is excited to announce the launch of MojoIce, our new cold storage solution. MojoIce is designed to meet the needs of businesses looking for an active backup, internal content management, and other “cold” storage use cases. We believe it offers a more cost-effective and reliable alternative to popular solutions like Wasabi and Backblaze.

We’re committed to our core value of integrity, which is why we don’t believe in starting a business relationship with a lie. Despite the names implying heat in products like Wasabi and Backblaze, those solutions squarely fall into the descriptor of “cold storage” based on IOPS and throughput limitations. MojoIce offers a better alternative to Wasabi and BackBlaze with its competitive pricing and exceptional reliability.

When it comes to pricing, we believe that being transparent and straightforward is important. Wasabi’s cost per GB is $0.0059, and while they don’t charge for outbound bandwidth up to the current capacity in use, the actual rate of overage is an astonishing $0.04 ($40 per TB) and hidden on the back pages of the website. Backblaze posts a cost of $0.005 per GB, but will charge $0.01 per GB of outbound bandwidth with no free egress allowance. MojoIce, on the other hand, is priced at $0.0055 per gigabyte of storage in use, with free transfer up to the current capacity in use, and with a very reasonable overage cost of $0.004 per GB. That is 10 times cheaper than the price tag Wasabi doesn’t want you to see. Clearly, MojoIce is the right option for businesses looking for reliable, honest, and affordable cold storage.

It’s not just rates per GB where other online storage solutions surprise businesses. For example, Wasabi’s terms require customers to pay for 3 months for any file they upload, even if it is deleted the next day. We’ve had some first-hand experience recently with moving a large customer from Wasabi into MojoHost’s storage solution. Between the staggering cost of egress overage and the 3-month retention policy, moving away would cost over $14000 while the monthly spend is under $3000. They are thrilled to be done with the move and safely in MojoHost’s care.

MojoHost is thrilled to expand its suite of cloud services, with automatically scalable cloud computing on the roadmap next. MojoIce, along with our triple-replicated, highly available MojoFire and secure, archival MojoVault, is a great option for a multitude of use cases. You can browse our MojoStorage products here.

We’re committed to providing the highest quality service to our customers while being honest and straightforward about the costs involved. That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and no small print or hidden charges. With MojoHost, you can count on unbeatable value.

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