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MojoHost’s 100% Bonus Paxum Special: The Tally

We are thrilled that more than $43,000 was saved in just a few weeks of our purchase-matching sale featuring payments partner Paxum.

We wanted our customers to know that MojoHost trusts and is always happy to accept Paxum as payment. Recently, there have been challenges to the Paxum platform, but we have and will back the payment solution because that’s good mojo!

An aggressive 100% payment-matching deal for new clients and additional purchases from existing clients was effective for two weeks in April 2018. Anyone who chose Paxum as their payment option could take advantage of this unbelievable offer. Existing customers who do not have a need for new services also got to take advantage of a 10% deposit bonus.

“We have full confidence in the Paxum platform and I would like to support them and their customers,” MojoHost CEO Brad Mitchell recently announced on an industry forum. ”MojoHost puts its money where its mouth is with regard to its full commitment to success in our industry.”

Hosting with MojoHost always comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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