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Graphic showing white sans-serif type and MojoHost and YNOT logos over photo of a data center and laptop

MojoHost Sponsors The Virtual YNOT Summit 2020

The team at MojoHost is thrilled for a new virtual conference.

While on lockdown, attending WMA Virtual and AWMeetup has been an amazing reminder of in-person shows, and both were very productive.

The new event, organized by the industry’s popular news source, YNOT, is destined to be a blast. The conference will be held on the Hopin platform, which most are already familiar with through AWMeetup. The event’s schedule is quite promising, featuring two tracks, one aimed at performers and the other for webmasters. Each track is full of interesting seminars and presentations. Among the many can’t-miss presentations, MojoHost’s technology architect Christopher O’Connell will give a talk on “The Role of Cloud Services in Business Efficiency”. Tune in for it on July 21st at 10 am PDT.

Most importantly – we’d like to see you there – to meet or catch up, talk business, or just share ideas. So, check out the event’s website and don’t forget to register – it’s free and there’s no reason to miss out. Of course, we prefer meeting in person, but in the meantime please reach out and let’s schedule a meeting at YNOT Summit.

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