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MojoHost Backs AVSecure To Bring You Easy Age Verification

We have partnered with AVSecure, the leading age verification solution for the Digital Economy Act. MojoHost will be running two nodes on the innovative blockchain solution designed and built by AVSecure, at their Mojohost data centers in Europe and the US.

Under the Digital Economy Act, all websites with adult materials accessible from within the United Kingdom have a responsibility to block access to these materials from minors.  The enforcement requires more than a passive checkbox confirming a user’s age (which is easily bypassed by minors wanting to see pornographic content). It is expected that acceptable age verification methods will include credit/debit card, voting data, mobile with SMS, and government-issued identification such as a passport or Driver’s License, or in-person verification, AVSecure handles such verification processes.

We greatly value the industry’s trust, built on integrity and service of consistent quality. Our focus is on utilizing technological innovations aimed at improving performance and lowering costs for our customers. This partnership with AVSecure expands the already impressive portfolio of services that MojoHost offers its clients.

AVSecure’s blockchain solution acts as a repository of encrypted tokens that represent age-verified consumers. The AVSecure blockchain is made up of multiple nodes, with each node being a copy of the blockchain database.

AVSecure runs several blockchain nodes for resiliency and performance purposes. The addition of MojoHost to operate their own AVSecure blockchain nodes ensures chain independence, which provides additional levels of security, trust, and confidence for all clients.

MojoHost will operate the AVSecure blockchain nodes in the US and EU to serve our clients. We will also offer a dedicated hosting service for any site owner who wishes to and has permission to run a node directly, giving our clients additional operational assurance.

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