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Graphic showing MojoHost bus moving through a city

MojoCoach Will Give You A Lift From XBIZ Berlin To TES Prague

Just like last year, there really aren’t any direct flights between Berlin and Prague on the dates you’d have to transition. Knowing this problem, we decided to remedy it by giving you a ride, because #ThatsGoodMojo. So, MojoCoach is back this year, and we’ll get you safely from XBIZ Berlin to TES Prague on September 12th.

In order to get on the list, e-mail and include your full name, company/site and cell phone number. We will have space for 50 people.

The plan is to meet outside the Catalonia Berlin Mitte Hotel at 9am. MojoCoach will depart promptly at 9:30 and won’t be waiting for anyone.

We will stop for a beautiful lunch in Dresden at a restaurant with traditional Saxon cuisine. Dresden is perfectly equidistant between both cities with about 2 hours on either side.

Those arriving early with us in Prague will also be able to enjoy the MojoHost Early Bird Happy Hour in Prague that evening.

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