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Advertising and Media

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Advertising and Media Hosting

Managing numerous customer websites takes a lot of resources: in manpower and tech. Instead of adding web hosting tasks to your ever-growing to-do list, channel your energy into creating exceptional content for your clients. With MojoHost’s managed hosting solution you get a reliable, scalable, fast, secure, and hassle-free hosting experience at affordable prices. Let our expert support team handle the technical details, so you and your clients can enjoy peace of mind and excellent performance.


Why choose MojoHost for your digital marketing or advertising agency?

We have solid reasons why you should choose MojoHost. We promise to deliver seamless, secure, and high-quality content to your audience.

High Performance and Reliability
  • We don’t want you paying for services you are not using. Our team of experts will create a solution that will use resources based on your traffic demands.
  • Uptime Guarantee is 99.999% with MojoHost, ensuring your sites are always up and running.
  • Fast: thanks to Noction ™, our servers are always in balance. Your traffic is evenly distributed and it prevents any single server from becoming overwhelmed.
Fast Content Delivery
  • Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) offers 53 locations on 6 continents. Bring your data closer to your audience and improve your SEO. We guarantee fast and efficient delivery of media content globally at pocket-friendly prices.
  • Low Latency: minimize the delay in data transfer and ensure smooth streaming and fast loading times.
Robust Security
  • DDoS Protection: all our offers feature MojoShield again distributed denial-of-service attacks.
  • SSL Certificate: we secure all data transfers and enhance user trust.
  • 24/7 Protection: with managed hosting, you ensure that our tech team is continuously monitoring and updating your servers against vulnerabilities.
Storage and Bandwidth
  • High Storage Capacity: we offer ample storage for large media files such as videos, music, and images depending on your needs and usage.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: transfer large volumes of data without extra charges.
Technical Support
  • 24/7 Support: Round-the-clock customer support for immediate assistance.
  • Expert Tech Staff: we have expertise in media and entertainment hosting needs.
  • Regular Backups: we do automated and frequent backups to prevent data loss.
Specialized Features
  • Streaming Optimization: Services and tools optimized for video and audio streaming.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS): Compatibility with popular CMS platforms for easy content management.
Compliance and Legal
  • Data Compliance: Adherence to data protection regulations like GDPR, CCPA, etc.
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM): Tools to protect intellectual property and manage content rights.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans: Various plans to fit different budget levels and requirements.
  • Transparent Billing: Clear and upfront pricing with no hidden fees.
  • No contracts and quitting fees: We bill monthly for what you have used.

What our Customers Say

Experience seamless, hassle-free managed hosting with MojoHost. Our proactive support team is available 24/7, ensuring that all your hosting needs are covered and you can focus on your clients and expand your business. MojoHost is here to ensure your online presence thrives without compromise because your success is our passion.

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Craft Beer Guy

I have been a client of MojoHost since 2005, beginning with MojoHost being one of the four or five webhosting companies the company I was Director of Business Development of utilized.

We had dozens of web servers spread across multiple webhosts, with at least two dozen of these servers being hosted with MojoHost. This included many dedicated servers as well as at least a half dozen that we set up as shared servers that we hosted for others. Currently, I am a solo operator and currently have shared hosting with MojoHost, hosting maybe 10 websites.

The point of the backstory is to stress that at one point we were spending thousands of dollars every month with MojoHost, and today I am spending the equivalent of a couple Starbuck’s venti lattes per month. While someone that is spending thousands of dollars every month might feel entitled to receive top-tier support, which MojoHost always delivered, today I am an average Joe and the level of support I currently receive has not changed one iota.

When reselling servers like we were, there are multiple fingers getting involved, with varying levels of expertise; in other words, there is plenty of opportunity for someone to screw something up. It really helps to have support at the level MojoHost provides.

While I have fewer reasons to contact support these days, since mine are the only fingers getting involved, I still have occasion to reach out to MojoHost support, usually due to my screw-up or my failing to update a script or something. It does not matter if I reach out to them at 9:00 AM or 1:00 AM; MojoHost is always quick to respond with a solution or a suggestion. When I ventured out as a solo webmaster, it was not a hard decision when it came to deciding which of the webhosting companies I would utilize for my personal websites. It is for this reason that I highly recommend MojoHost for all your webhosting needs.

– Lloyd “baddog” Brown

Queer Click

It’s been a year, or thereabouts, since we moved over to MojoHost and I wanted to take a moment to message you with a huge Thank You.

We fell victim to that DMCA attack and summarily lost our hosting overnight, despite being able to prove that it was fraudulent. It turned out our hosting company had already been dragged over the coals for ignoring valid DMCA and had set a zero tolerance policy. Losing our network overnight was disastrous for a company like ours. It was only by luck that we had a recent back-up because of something else that we were working on – the company would not even allow us access to preserve our content.

Then we moved to Hostkey in an emergency move, based on the word of a co-worker of mine. The following months/year was a running disaster with no support, no English or German speaking support and constant problems, outages.

Moving to MojoHost has been heaven.

The service, knowledge, help, support are beyond expectations. The change for our company is incredible and no longer being required to support our servers 24/7 has allowed us to invest time and money into new projects and ideas.

So often, companies only hear from their clients when all hell breaks loose. So here is a message of thanks to you, your team and this great company. From the moment we started working with your team, a massive weight was lifted from our shoulders. We breathed a collective sigh of relief and thanks.

– Mary & the QC Team

Office Tales Inc.

As a frame of reference I will turn 70 in January. I am definitely not a “tech person” and quite naive regarding the Internet. I built my website in 1998 from the book “Websites For Dummies” as I had no experience with website creation or Internet Providers.

Over the years I’ve bounced between credit card processors and IPs due to the adult content offered on my site. Just when it seemed like everything was working fine with no worries, content policies would change and, just like that, I would be searching for another processor and/or IP. It was frustrating and I learned that Tech Support varied in quality with each IP.

Fortunately, a friend introduced me to Brad Mitchell and MojoHost. In my 20 years operating my website I have never experienced better service. Everyone in Tech Support has been there for me, even at 3am in the morning, to solve my problems.

I must be the least knowledgeable client on the MojoHost list when it comes to tech problems. The Support Techs have consistently taken the time to explain “what happened and why” whenever I’ve experienced a problem. They have never made me feel stupid. I do that all on my own.

If you are reading this and are looking for dependable, friendly, professional and speedy service you will be ecstatic working with MojoHost. Brad Mitchell has assembled an A+ group of Techs and he has been most helpful advising me in keeping my costs low.

Contrary to what my customers believe I am not Scrooge McDuck sitting on a mountain of money. Far from it. I am always looking for ways to cut costs and Brad understands this. In the few times I’ve needed his direction when making an IP related decision Brad has been there for me. He, like his Techs, is another A+ component who understands that LOPACS (Little Old Piss Ant Companies) like me desire dependable service.

Choosing MojoHost as your Internet Provider will be the BEST decision you will make this year.

– Michael M.

Leilani L

I have been producing content for almost 6 years. I started from the ground up with no knowledge of anything but the enthusiasm to give it a try. I learned as I went. A friend gave me space on his server for a nominal fee. I used Dreamweaver to build the most simplistic site. The response was good. I tried a CMS Store front to sell my videos. Very clunky, expensive as hell to customize but again a good response from customers.

I upgraded to an economical CMS solution for my membership site and a fabulous CMS store front, SquirrelCart, to sell videos. The economical CMS solution for my membership site started out great but quickly became a nightmare creating way too much stress for me. Customer service was severely lacking and they had complete control of everything.

I went searching again. I found ElevatedX and couldn’t be happier. They thankfully recommended MojoHost.

I am so grateful for your team. Y’all have gone above and beyond my expectations for customer service. Sometimes I ask for advice about an issue because I don’t know who else to ask. You point me in the right direction (ElevatedX or Developer/Programmer) but most times just take care of the issue. MojoHost consistently amazes me. I have a friend who will soon be using ElevatedX and MojoHost. He asked about using a different hosting company other than y’all. I told him he would not find another hosting company as great as MojoHost. He would be doing himself a HUGE disservice if he did not use MojoHost. I raved about you so much that he will be using your service too. I constantly recommend MojoHost. I feel like I have finally arrived at the best place I can be. I can concentrate on all the other aspects of running my business knowing my sites are being handled by the best.

It has been an absolute pleasure being your customer.

– Leilani L.

Social Hulk

We are in the online business over 20 years now and focus on adult entertainment marketing for the last 12. We had lots of different server solutions and for performance and monetary optimization we tested 2 “new” hosting companies every year. I heard a lot of good things about Mojo Host so I decided its “their” turn to be tested. From the first minute Brad (who I knew from many tradeshows before, but never made business with) made me feel like I came home to family. He analyzed our “is” situation, suggested a package, took care of the moving process. There were small issues and problems which his team solved in an extremely professional manner.

The “test” server was running smooth and did what it should and Brad made us a very competitive price – so we decided to move all our business to Mojo Host. That was a rather big move which needed to be organized and executed in perfection cause we had a couple of projects were every hour offline would cost us money. Again: there were some bumps on the way which all were handled and solved fast and professional.

Than one of the biggest challenges in our company history stroked us. We have had a small security hole with our old hoster and this was used back then, to infect our servers. We had them cleaned and thought we are good – after a couple of month with Brad unfortunately the hackers were back and this time they were big. Malware and Scam in almost every directory: backdoors, self-installing files – the whole toolbox of hackers. Mojo Host and we detected it immediately at the same time and what followed was one of the best experiences in my life: Brads and our team worked hand in hand to protect our data, clean our servers, close all security holes, kept the servers operational, secure them for future attacks: it all took weeks and a lot of hours. In the whole time on the stunning Platinum support they never asked for extra money, they never complained – they were just helping and it again felt like I would be a family member.

Today we host everything we have with Mojo and they are one important reason we constantly grow. And we stopped “testing” new hosting companies. We are “home” now and we hope we will be for many years to come.

– Daniel S.

Green Guy

It wasn’t by choice that I started using Mojo back in 2013 when they acquired the hosting company that I’d been happily using for the last few years. And, to be completely honest, the 1st 3 or so years were really uneventful. Aside from some basic stuff (setting up domains, emails, FTP access, etc.) I can’t remember having to contact support for any problems whatsoever. Then came the server move in Jan 2017 and my introduction to Jerry…

Let me 1st say that I am FAR from tech savvy. Sure, I can hand code basic HTML based on 1997 standards like nobody’s business, and I can still WYSIWYG with the best of’em, but you give me access to script or database files and I can fuck shit up like nobody else. When I screw up, it’s fucking biblical. Let me also say that the script that runs my sites is OLD – it’s from 2001 and not only am I the only webmaster that I know of that still uses it, the person that wrote it had been MIA for about 10 years. I was scared shitless to move to a new server, so I asked Jerry if we could move just 1 domain over that was using the script to test it. So he did and it was nothing but Internal Server Errors 🙁 I then asked him if he could look at it and see if it was something simple and of course, it wasn’t. I honestly don’t even remember asking him if he could fix it, because it’s not his fucking job to fix my old unsupported script. Over the next few days, Jerry bent over backwards repairing a script that he’d probably never seen before so that it would run on the new machine and when he finally got it working, I was as happy as a fat kid in a candy store! He then moved the other domains over and one by one, fixed them all. Hell, he even fixed my circa 2009 vBulletin message board! I fully expected to see, at the very least, a couple $100 added to my next monthly invoice. I was not charged a fucking dime. This man, who I’d probably never communicated with before the server move, basically saved my websites & my company.

Since then, it’s been smooth sailing. I submit a ticket and they get back to me 15-30 minutes later to tell me it’s done. But because of how Jerry handled that server move, you couldn’t drive a dump truck full of cash up to my house to entice me away from Mojo. I’m here until 1 of 2 things happens: I die or the hamster does 🙂

Thank you Mojo. Thank you Brad. And, because I can’t fucking say it enough, THANK YOU JERRY!

– Mark J.
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