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Does Having Great Hosting Support Make Much Of A Difference?

Web hosting is a service offered by hosting companies that allow businesses and individuals to make their websites, files, or apps accessible on the Internet. Having great web hosting has a ton of benefits, including having top web hosting support access. While some companies do not provide the top-quality service that MojoHost does, we are constantly working towards staying on top and keeping customers happy.

MojoHost offers several different products, including dedicated servers, SSD virtual private servers, HDD virtual private servers, Content Delivery Networks, and Cloud services called MojoStorage. When choosing a product or server, make sure to include a support plan if you’re looking for managed hosting.

What most of our new customers are surprised by is the level of support offered. Most hosts have a very hands-off approach. They rarely suggest changes proactively, and in case of downtime often simply reboot without looking into the cause of the problem. Well, MojoHost is different. The company’s involvement is much deeper.

A Fabled Support Team

Our team of senior systems administrators will propose optimizations, troubleshoot problems, clean up malware, configure security, and investigate any downtime or interruption thoroughly. We offer active 24/7 monitoring and handle any patches, updates, or changes requested. The experienced DevOps team will provide insights and suggestions when you’re ready to build out your infrastructure and help you organize an environment with the best performance.

Only recently we’ve upgraded customers who had older hardware to new servers free of charge and on our own initiative. “Hey, you’re getting a new server and we’ll migrate you free of charge” isn’t rare here at MojoHost.

Support is offered through a comprehensive mobile-ready ticket system, which can also be updated by email. For urgent situations or any other, 24/7 phone support is also available. The most remarkable thing is that there’s no upcharge for server management services of any complexity. The attentive and proactive support is included in your server management plan because That’s Good Mojo!

Customer’s feedback

Here are only a few pieces of feedback we received recently from our customers:

“I cannot recommend them enough. Their support & expertise is stellar.”

“Excellent support as always. Fast, efficient, and friendly.”

“Amazing support, even late on a Sunday evening, during a holiday weekend! AMAZING!”

“I was, and am, extremely impressed that Garik was able to dig into this issue and make it work. This was beyond my expectations with support. Colour me impressed.”

“Brilliant troubleshooting. I don’t think I ever would have figured that out. Very polite and detailed on the phone.”

“MojoHost has been bailing my ass out of tech trouble for over 15 years. WAY above the call of duty!”

“I am pretty sure Mojohost is the last host I will ever need, their support is so amazing it’s like having a personal tech assistant, except it’s a whole team available 24/7.”

“Best managed host I’ve ever used. Helped me out of the [OtherHost] nightmare.”

“Moving to Mojohost was one of the best decisions I have made in more than 25 years in this business.”

“Quite excellent as always. I have not had one bad support session since I signed up here. Keep up the great work MojoHosters.”

Excellent Managed Hosting

The server management that you get from your web hosting company is essential. You want to find a company that will handle issues quickly and without costs that will break your budget. MojoHost has been in business for more than 20 years, has won many industry awards for hosting excellence, and has a team that is proactive in keeping up with new technologies and prioritizes service quality and superior infrastructure for customers.

MojoHost can also boast 99.999% uptime. The quality provided and the hard work that is put into all elements of the business are parts of the company’s core values. For support that will help you through thick and thin, and a company that will help you get the products and services that you need for your specific situation, MojoHost is the top choice. Contact MojoHost to get more information about managed hosting.

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