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Earth Day graphic showing MojoHost logo over photo of the earth from space

Earth Day and MojoHost: Being Green #ThatsGoodMojo

As we approach Earth Day on April 22, 2024, it’s a great time to reflect on the environmental impacts of our industry

Data centers are known for their extensive energy use and significant carbon footprints. At MojoHost, we are deeply committed to reversing this trend by implementing sustainable practices that not only reduce our environmental impact but also enhance our operational efficiency. Here’s how we’re making a difference at our Michigan data center and with our business practices worldwide.

Here is our president Brad Mitchell explaining all the green decisions taken to make the Michigan data center as efficient as possible.

Brad Mitchell in our new flagship Michigan Data Center

Innovative Power Solutions

One of our key initiatives is the adoption of flywheel technology in our uninterrupted power supply systems. Traditional data centers often rely on large banks of batteries that, while effective, pose significant environmental challenges, particularly in terms of disposal and the toxic materials they contain. Flywheel technology, on the other hand, utilizes the energy of centrifugal force, offering a cleaner, more sustainable alternative. This technology is not only environmentally friendly but also more power-efficient and requires less cooling, reducing our overall energy consumption.

Advanced Cooling Techniques

At MojoHost, we have moved away from the legacy air conditioning strategies that many data centers still use. These traditional methods are often inefficient, struggling to effectively manage the heat generated by servers. Instead, we employ a closed-loop chilled water system. It is positioned directly at the rear of each server cabinet by using rear-chilled doors from Motivair. This setup significantly improves our cooling efficiency by transferring heat directly from the source and limiting the energy wasted in cooling unnecessary spaces.

Our choice of Michigan as a location further enhances this system’s efficiency. The state’s climate—cool for a significant part of the year—allows us to rely less on mechanical cooling. Our redundant chilled water plants from Motivair often operate without the need for energy-intensive compressors, thanks to Michigan’s naturally lower temperatures.

Reducing Carbon Footprint Through Advanced Server Technology

In our ongoing commitment to sustainability and superior service, MojoHost is taking significant steps to reduce our carbon footprint through server optimization. We’re excited about our initiative that transitions our customers from entry-level dedicated servers to our cutting-edge Virtual Private Servers (VPS). This transition is crucial not only for enhancing performance but also for significantly reducing the power usage per client. This in turn decreases our overall energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Utilizing AMD’s Latest Processors

One of the transformative elements in our new VPS offerings involves the integration of AMD’s latest line of processors. These processors are known for their incredible speed and efficiency, providing a substantial performance boost while maintaining lower energy use compared to older models. The enhanced processing capabilities allow us to deliver high performance even under peak loads, which means more efficient use of hardware resources and less energy waste.

Transitioning to NVMe Storage

Another pivotal upgrade is our shift from traditional SSDs and HDDs to NVMe storage technology. NVMe drives offer significantly lower storage latencies and dramatically improved input/output operations per second (IOPs). This advancement means that data is accessed faster and more efficiently, reducing the time servers spend processing data requests. The lower latency and higher throughput translate into fewer power-intensive operations. Additionally, it reduces the need for cooling, which further diminishes our environmental impact.

These technological enhancements not only reflect our commitment to providing the best hosting solutions but also align with our environmental goals. By optimizing server efficiency through state-of-the-art processors and faster storage solutions, we can host more services on less power, thereby decreasing our carbon footprint. This approach is a testament to our belief that environmental responsibility can coexist with technological advancement and customer satisfaction.

At MojoHost, these initiatives form part of a broader strategy aimed at sustainability. As we continue to innovate and improve our services, we are committed to reducing our impact on the planet while delivering uncompromised performance to our clients. This Earth Day, we celebrate these strides towards a greener, more efficient future, reaffirming our promise that at MojoHost, That’s Good Mojo.

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