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Choosing an Email Solution: Why, How, and What’s the Cost?

E-mail is an essential part of any comprehensive business plan.

You need a powerful business email program that can not only allow you to connect with people but will have business “accessories” to make you even more productive. Such accessories include calendar integration, team instant messaging, address books, and more. E-mail programs should also have a backup and restoration option just in case. Keeping your business e-mail safe is a great way to protect your business.

Why is e-mail so important? Well, let’s start with the basics. By 2020 3 billion people across the world will be using e-mail. 246 billion e-mails will be sent every day by 2019. That’s a whole lot of people reading their e-mail inboxes! Finally, people prefer to communicate via e-mail. According to one study, 72% of people prefer to communicate via e-mail versus any other method. It really makes sense. E-mail is not intrusive, people can respond to it when they are able and it provides a written receipt of what was said for later reference.

So, now you know the why, but what about the how? Well, for example, MojoHost has your back. We offer a great business email solution based on Zimbra, which will scale well with your business’s growth and has the amazing feature of never sharing the IP of your web server. This doesn’t seem like much until it is recalled that IPs are the primary way to blacklist, and so you have a much higher chance of getting sorted into junk mail if your email server discloses your primary server’s IP address. MojoHost offers four different options for e-mail programs that are suitable for businesses of different sizes. They are each quite affordable and allow you to have up to 500 e-mail accounts for your business, meaning they work well for small and medium-sized businesses. Of course, if your company is even larger we can come up with the right plan for you.

Even our most affordable business e-mail account offers basic search, instant messaging, desktop and mobile POP & IMAP clients, and disaster recovery options. Upgrade to Business Plus and you’ll get a calendar, and address lists too. Zimbra Standard offers conversation views, two-factor authentication for extra security, and the ability to share calendars & files. Zimbra Professional is the top tier and includes everything in the other tiers plus help with mobile device management, custom retention policies, and more.

The good news is MojoHost always has our customers in mind so our e-mail accounts are truly affordable. They run as low as just $1 per e-mail account, and you can easily add more as your business grows. It’s a great scalable option for startups and other businesses looking for a smart solution that really works.

Get in touch with our awesome sales team to find out more.

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