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MojoHost Enhances Global CDN to 53 Locations at No Cost

We are thrilled to announce the significant expansion and re-launch of our Content Delivery Network (CDN), MojoCDN. This upgrade propels us to the forefront of global content delivery by extending our network to 53 locations across six continents. This is a dramatic increase from 28 locations across North America and Europe.

The MojoCDN platform represents a monumental leap in our commitment to providing unparalleled service. MojoCDN ensures faster and more reliable content delivery for websites and applications worldwide. What sets our service apart is our commitment to affordability and excellence. While other CDNs charge extra for comprehensive global coverage, we proudly offer delivery from all continents as a standard feature. Customers will not be charged for the upgrade. The everyday rate is more than 90% off Amazon CloudFront.

“We are thrilled to announce that all our customers have already been upgraded to the new MojoCDN platform. This ensures immediate access to our expanded global network of 53 PoPs,” said Brad Mitchell, President of MojoHost. “Sharing this news is exciting for us, as it represents a significant deliverable to our clients, worldwide. MojoHost customers deserve the best. We’ve absorbed the increased costs of delivery without changing customer rates. This reflects our unwavering commitment to their success and shows by our actions what #ThatsGoodMojo really means.”

This boost of MojoCDN is part of our ongoing strategy to offer leading-edge, cloud-focused technologies to meet the evolving needs of online businesses. By enabling all locations by default in customer configurations, we have ensured that our users can immediately benefit. Reduced latency, turbo-charged site performance, and enhanced reliability, regardless of where in the world audiences are located are just a few of the improvements. Offering this feature without additional fees transcends the competition, allowing you, the business owners, to increase revenues through globalization, without increasing costs.

Small and regular users of MojoCDN benefit from everyday low public pricing of $5-10 per TB, conveniently featured right on its website. Large-volume CDN users with over 200TB of monthly data transfer should reach out at for a custom quote tailored to their specific needs.

We invite businesses and content providers to experience the difference with MojoCDN‘s improved global delivery network. Adding 25 locations at no extra cost for the customer is just another way we uphold our promise of delivering exceptional value and service, further cementing our reputation as a trusted partner in the hosting industry.

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