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Amazing Discounts On Hybrid Cloud MechBunny Tube Solutions

MechBunny is a reputable CMS and development services provider in our industry, and their tube script has evolved tremendously recently. For instance, it now features paysite capabilities as well as a range of other add-ons and improvements. One of the most prominent new developments of the Mechbunny script is its full integration with MojoHost’s infinitely scalable and robust MojoStorage Object Storage Solution and MojoCDN. Thanks to the pay-as-you-go object storage, you will never have to worry about running out of storage space for your content. The use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) will prevent server overloads during traffic bursts such as you may experience during massive traffic buys or if your site goes viral on social media.

There’s never been a better time to launch MechBunny websites

MechBunny bundles consist of a server to run scripts and databases, a storage allowance within the MojoStorage Object Storage, and MojoCDN to distribute your content worldwide. Moreover, all Mechbunny Bundle plans come with technical support, weekly off-server backups, and migration assistance if needed.

The rates for MechBunny Bundle plans are amazingly low

  • The smaller MB1 package starts at only $49/month, including a VPS: 4 vCores, 8GB RAM, 125GB local storage, MojoStorage storage of 500GB, and MojoCDN 5TB.
  • The medium-sized MB2 solution is $99/month, with a VPS: 6 vCores, 12GB RAM, 225GB local storage; MojoStorage storage 2TB, and MojoCDN 10TB.
  • The large “MBPRO” plan at $199/month includes a dedicated server: 4 CPU cores / 8 threads, 32GB RAM, 2x480GB SSDs of local storage, 25 TB outbound transfer, MojoStorage Storage of 3TB, and 25TB of MojoCDN.

Plans scale easily and will accommodate your website’s growth. You can host unlimited Mechbunny-based websites on the same VPS or server. Naturally, once the need arises, our systems administrators can help you scale beyond single-server computing power.

Mechbunny CMS License

It is tremendously easy to purchase the integrated solution, and it is activated automatically. No additional integration efforts are necessary – the solution supports a hybrid cloud setup that is economical and easy to scale out of the box. The CMS is a one-time cost, and you will receive 99% of the source code. The license restricts only resale or redistribution. Therefore, you can use the software for any number of your websites.

But wait, there’s more! With the MB2 and MBPro packages, you can now purchase the license to Mechbunny Tube Script at 50% off, and 25% off with the MB1. The regular license cost of 399 EUR is a 1-time payment of $220 when purchased with MB2 or MBPro or $320 when purchased with the MB1 bundle. Learn more about the solution and order today!

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