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Adult Content Creators: Time To Build Your Home Base

There’s certainly been a lot of turmoil these past few weeks. The reason: the ban on adult content on one of the more popular content-sharing platforms, and its swift yet uncertain reversal. The situation is far from being over.

Many talented and intelligent adult content creators have experienced quite an unpleasant thrill over the possibility of losing a major source of income. The silver lining on what must have felt like a nightmare to many is that it served as a trigger for action. Many realized that it is never a good idea to put your livelihood entirely in the hands of a platform. It may or may not have a change of heart about how inclusive they’d like to be. We’ve received numerous inquiries from models searching for ways to put more eggs into various baskets. Moreover, to find the baskets that will never show adult content out the door.

MojoHost has successfully served the adult industry for over two decades, and many of our customers are large and established businesses.  Some of those companies started as small startups and have grown to achieve success drawing on MojoHost’s reliability and expertise. That is why MojoHost is a wonderful destination for any adult performer seeking to establish their home base – their own website that will not be dependent on third parties’ whims.

While we do not offer a one-stop-shop, expense-free solution, our solutions are yours to own and manage as you see fit. If you are ready for independence – MojoHost is the way to go. We work with many Content Management Systems (CMS) and Script providers and have extensive experience and direct relationships with companies such as ElevatedX, MechBunny, WPScript, KVS, NATS, and others. The solutions available at MojoHost are primarily infrastructure-related – we offer dedicated servers, virtual machines, cloud storage, content delivery networks and other important components that you will need to start your own website online. Even if it is a small blog or a full-fledged, feature-packed premium website.

It may seem complicated for those who have never had to deal with hosting. However, our specialty is managed services and you will never be on your own to face infrastructure challenges if you are a MojoHost customer. We will also help along the way and provide what referrals or expertise we can on any topic, even those unrelated to hosting. MojoHost can help guide our clients to the best credit card processing solutions, custom programming, and every other resource outside of our services. We want to make their lives easier by recommending trusted providers. But most importantly – so long as the content is legal and rightfully used, we will never tell you what to post, and will quite certainly always welcome adult content creators on our network.

Aside from full solutions, MojoHost is a great place to buy every kind of domain name. Great everyday rates are available on the .com, .net, and a wide range of others. As a highlight, until the end of September 2021 MojoHost, in cooperation with MMX, is doing a special offer price on all .xxx TLD domains. You get 90% off registrations and 75% off on renewals, for the lifetime of the registration! Learn more about this promotion here.

If you’re looking to build your own business without relying on third-party services, you are invited to reach out today. Even if you’re still in the planning stages, our attentive staff will help you choose the right solutions and find the answers to all of your questions.

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