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ACH AutoPay Via GoCardless

MojoHost is excited to announce the introduction of a new AutoPay method for our customers called GoCardless. GoCardless is an automated ACH payment platform whereby your monthly MojoHost invoices are automatically paid via your bank account, free of any fees or surcharges.

The GoCardless platform is super easy to set up. When you log in to your MojoHost account, simply open any unpaid invoice. Select “ACH via GoCardless” in the payment drop-down menu. If you have already set GoCardless as your default payment method via your account settings, you will see GoCardless is automatically listed as the payment method on your unpaid invoice(s).

When “ACH via GoCardless” is selected for the first time, at the top of your unpaid invoice you will find a box that says, “SET MANDATE FOR PAYMENT.” Simply click on this box and you will be prompted to enter your banking information. Once set up, your bank account will be automatically debited on your invoice due date, completely free of any fees or surcharges.

This method of automatic payment will continue for all current and future invoices as they are generated. GoCardless eliminates the need to manually enter wire instructions each month. It also avoids the credit card surcharge (if a credit card is your current method of payment, a 3.25% fee is added to each invoice).

If you have any questions or need assistance setting up ACH via GoCardless, please reach out to our Billing Support via the ticket system.

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