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A Mastermind Session On Implementing 2020 Tech By Brad Mitchell

Are you “On Cloud Nine”?

The technology landscape is changing every day, and its pace is truly mind-boggling. The progress that took decades and centuries, fueled by rapid communication and unprecedented investment now happens in months or even weeks. This is why keeping up with the times is not a luxury, it is a necessity that all online businesses must be aware of. A website left to itself in the 90s could continue to make money for years. A website left to itself for a year now is almost certainly dead and unprofitable.

Media-rich industries have always faced the struggle of providing for enough storage space to cope with the growth. Today, object storage technology is available which makes the hassle of drive upgrades obsolete. Some popular CMS platforms are already working with this solution to remove all the hassle of storage upgrades, and many others have the feature in active development.

Going further, large environments can benefit from virtualizing not only space but all server resources, so managed private cloud becomes feasible and useful to many growing companies. Learning more about these technologies and how they can be implemented for your digital business might be a good reason to attend the talk Brad Mitchell will be giving on January 16th during his presentation “A Mastermind Session on Implementing 2020 Tech”, starting at 2 pm in Studio 2 (2nd Floor) of the Andaz hotel during XBIZ LA.

The buzzword acronyms AI, VR, WAF, and CDN

Other topics covered will include the implementation of Web Application Firewall and its basic and advanced capabilities and use cases. CDN solutions will be discussed and explained as well.

More recent developments such as AI are also making their way into the industry, resulting in smart video fingerprinting, tagging, and preview generation, as well as automatic promotional content generation and even instant compilation generation based on the user’s choices.

If you’ve planned to get your feet wet with Virtual Reality, Brad Mitchell will cover what to look out for when dealing with large files such as VR videos.

If you are considering our hosting solutions, reach out and let us tailor a plan that fits all of your needs!

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