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Buran CMS

Get a fully managed VPS for Buran, an ultra-fast script for building your own embedded content tube sites.

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Use Buran CMS, now with no hassle.

MojoHost Sysadmins will configure your server and set up the CMS, so you’re ready to make money immediately. The specially discounted VPS plan is capable of handling over 500 000 unique visitors per day, at only $99/month.

  • The script is perfect for tubes with embedded content, including super-fast integrations with large content platforms. Most importantly, it is incredibly fast for your surfers!
  • Buran is designed to handle LARGE content databases. 100k records? 1 million? 20 million? Not a problem!
  • Advanced CTR-based content rotation makes your site productive (more clicks as best content shown higher on pages)
  • SEO friendly structure and tools – sitemaps, multi-language support and text synonymizer for import feeds are available with the default package!
  • Unlimited customization possibilities, since all front-end code is open for modifying.
  • It uses server’s hardware & software resources effectively so it runs well even on affordable VPS hosting packages.
Buran CMS
$99/ mo

Buran CMS Pro license lifetime for 1 website included. No compromise version.

$39 value

  • Fully featured CMS engine
  • 20+ Language support

Fully Managed VPS By MojoHost

Team MojoHost has created an optimized, fully streamlined solution for Buran installations at only $99/month. From your first step, all server-side setup and configurations will be handled, with 24/7 monitoring and backups to ensure that the business you start is successful. With the tech side handled, you can focus on building great tubes! Reach out today to take advantage of an amazing discount for a fully managed VPS capable of sustaining over 500k visitors!

Starts At Just $99

MojoHost provides a full setup and ongoing maintenance of Virtual and Dedicated servers running Buran CMS, with 24/7 monitoring and backups, and the entry-level plan can handle 500k+ visitors daily.

Just The Beginning

Buran has a long list of built-in features, including logical site structure – main page, niche pages, video pages, categories listing, actors listings; as well as comprehensive settings, tools, and statistics. Their main goal is keeping the script fast, reliable, and easy to manage.

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