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DDoS Protection

MojoHost provides free, always-On DDoS protection to stop internet attacks with

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MojoHost Is Proud To Release Free Always-On Network-Level Global DDoS Protection For Every Customer, On Every Server, For Every GB Of Bandwidth The Company Sells.

We have always provided manual DDoS mitigation for our managed clients. We have now upgraded both our data centers in North American and Europe. Our classic MojoHost service offering now provides ‘always on’ and more innovative DDoS mitigation.

– James Polan, VP of MojoHost

The company stated that the DDoS protection would come default for all servers not only at its Miami and Amsterdam locations, but also at the newly launched Zen1 Detroit Data Center.

A DDoS (or Distributed Denial of Service attack) occurs when an attacker uses thousands or even hundreds of thousands of compromised servers, personal computers, or connected “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices like cameras and smart doorbells to send countless fake network packets to a server. Those incomplete network handshakes and other packets consume server resources and saturate the network, so legitimate requests cannot make it through to the origin website.

Most DDoS protection companies offer the “old” solution of temporarily (and infinitely) increasing the bandwidth pipeline to absorb and mitigate DDoS attacks blindly. The website remains online but in a highly inefficient way. That method is part of the reason why DDoS protection is often expensive or cost-prohibitive for individual websites.

MojoHost is actively innovating and supercharging DDoS mitigation through its strategic partnership with The companies work together cooperatively to more intelligently battle (and stop) DDoS attacks rather than mitigate them. The latest innovative solution provided identifies, filters, and diverts bad traffic in real-time. Instead of individual website owners handling attacks, the unified solution functions at the network-level and is accomplished without latency.

It’s our goal to try and make the DDoS mitigation process as uninvolved and unnoticeable for our clients as possible. The way we filter attacks nondisruptively blocks malicious actors without slowing down normal traffic. You won’t even be able to notice when attacks happen. That’s just how it should be, but it isn’t, and we’re trying to change that because we believe in what our clients, like MojoHost, are trying to accomplish and want to assist the best we can.

– Marshal Webb, owner of

MojoHost has become an authorized dealer of Path DDoS protection services for Enterprise service including hosting and companies looking to better protect their networks outside the MojoHost ecosystem. Customers can work directly with MojoHost as a trusted source of price effective solutions of all scale and size.

Working with allows companies like MojoHost to offer global DDoS protection worldwide by utilizing advanced statistical modeling and automatic management of routes and network peers. This “smart routing” is the magic that avoids trading speed for safety and protection. The cooperative effort enables blocking attacks closer to where they originate before they even reach the attack target.

The decision to provide the service for free to MojoHost customers came from an interest in trying to make the Internet a better, safer place as a whole.

DDoS mitigation is often an add-on service paid for by our clients to third-party providers. These services are usually outrageously priced (for people not hosting with us). But, the fact is, these attacks happen all the time and aren’t going away. We decided that this type of protection should be a default service, so we decided to charge nothing for it; because that’s good mojo.

– Brad Mitchell, Founder of MojoHost

While this advanced DDoS “scrubbing” technology prevents volumetric attacks, MojoHost recommends the optional add-on Web Application Firewall (WAF), known as MojoShield, to combat more intelligent threats, including SQL injection, bots, and scrapers.

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About MojoHost

Since its establishment in 1999, MojoHost has focused on growth and powering the success of its clients. This approach has earned it more than 65 industry awards for outstanding hosting services and business practices. They offer dedicated servers, virtual private servers, the MojoCDN global content delivery network, MojoStorage cloud computing services, and other web technology solutions.

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About Path.Net

Path has revolutionized the uptime and performance monitoring industry by using distributed nodes powered by everyday users and servers. Over the past two years, Path has built a monitoring network offering unprecedented global coverage. Path’s powerful analytics give invaluable insight into website, application, and network uptime and performance. Additionally, our network security expertise has allowed for the development of various security and consulting service offerings beyond our uptime and performance monitoring services. These offerings range from DDoS attack mitigation and detection, to penetration testing, Enterprise level VPN’s, and security consulting.

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