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What Is Good Mojo?

Good Mojo is more than just a catchy phrase: it is a feeling, a mantra, an ethical principle; moreover, it is the way of life at MojoHost. We believe in putting the customer first, and doing right by others whenever possible. There is no better feeling than a client choosing to continue hosting with us year after year not because they have to, but because we have earned their loyalty and business. That is the epitome of Good Mojo.

Definition: "Possessing good luck, power, charm, personal magnetism, or skill that seems to come from something magical or supernatural. It creates an ability or quality for one to excel or succeed against all odds."

Above & Beyond

Since our start in 1999, MojoHost has worked diligently to do more than offer generic hosting solutions. Our clients’ and friends’ businesses range in size from new startups to established major brands, and each customer has their own set of unique needs, and that’s why we have to go above and beyond every single day.

Experience Shows

Our Experienced System Administrators and entire team work hard because we love what we do, and hard work is a core value at Mojohost. We take pride in 99.999% uptime and put in the work to make that possible. A self-funded company that’s been profitable for more than fifteen years, we have the depth of experience and resources to support you through thick and thin. We’ll happily sell you a new server, but we’ll also work with you when you need to reduce your budget.


We Succeed When You Succeed

Whether we’re working to recover from a major disaster or just adding an email account, every ticket deserves our utmost effort and attention. Our customers are encouraged to reach out to us regularly. It is our firm belief that we only succeed when you succeed, and you will be our first priority. We invest heavily in new infrastructure and services for our existing customers, not just in acquiring new accounts. Our history proves we retain clients for the life of their business. We have always put our money where our mouth is, and provide clients with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee as part of our Good Mojo Guarantee.

A Company That Gives Back

As a leading Internet technology company, MojoHost has a long history of corporate generosity. We have been a corporate sponsor for the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) since 2009. Founder and CEO Brad Mitchell serves on the association’s Advisory Council and Executive Board and provides marketing resources. For Mitchell, keeping children away from age-restricted content fits in line with his personal goals as a parent, even more than his role as a technology and thought leader.


The Good Mojo Guarantee

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No Sh*tty Contracts

We focus on finding the near term and long term goals of each client, so we can custom tailor hosting solutions that exceed expectations now, while scaling seamlessly into the future. We don’t require yearly commitment or impose auto-renewing contracts because we know that with the right kind of effort we can ensure our clients voluntarily choose to use MojoHost for decades. We do well by our customers, and they have no reason to leave. That's why we don't require long-term contracts.

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99.999% Uptime

Those extra decimal points mean something special. Downtime is inevitable for maintenance of your hosting service, no matter which hosting company you choose. Here at MojoHost, our uptime guarantee requires a superior level of planning, execution, and service to ensure your website is online as close to 100% of the time as possible.

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Premium Support

While some MojoHost customers enjoy us for wholesale unmanaged infrastructure, we are known for our premium managed hosting. Many companies use MojoHost for their entire operations team. There is no need to source and hire an expensive technology team, architect, or systems administrator, because Mojo's got your back. At any time, day or night, just pick up the phone to call us, we’re always available. Enjoy ticket response in minutes, not hours. After working with our team, you’ll agree that we’re more than managed hosting. No matter what size of IT department you have at your disposal, or whether you have one at all, we can meet you at your level of experience to get the job done right.

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Free Website Migration

We take pride in our service and abide by 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we migrate you from another host and you're not satisfied with our service, we'll move you back.

Infrastructure and Data Centers

Our company’s infrastructure is located at world-leading data centers around the world, from the Americas to Europe, you’ll find both blazing fast servers and the highest personal support possible.


Southfield, Michigan

Michigan is our home base, and location of our new flagship data center, where most of our server administrators are working every day to make your online businesses run smoothly. If you ever are in town, stop by MojoHost’s office and let’s meet in person!


Miami, Florida

Equinix’s NAP of the Americas (“NOTA”) is home to the primary network exchange between the U.S. and Latin America. The data center is built 32 feet above sea level and is designed to withstand Category 5 hurricane-level winds.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Located in Europe’s largest networking hub, our Amsterdam datacenter is a great choice for you if the majority of your users are located in the European Union. Evoswitch facility offers the best in security, connectivity and sustainability.