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For 10 years I managed my own linux servers which were co-located at various hosting companies.  Five and a half years ago one of my servers was hacked and compromised. It appeared that the support ticket system that was installed allowed MySQL injections. My sites were filled with malware.  I tried to get help from the hosting company, but I soon found I was on my own. A friend suggested MojoHost and after getting a quote from Brad Mitchell, I was pleasantly surprised at how much money I was going to save.  I transferred my site to their servers.  At first, it was odd not managing my own servers, but a simple phone call or ticket to their support team resulted in quick action.  I have never received such a high level of quality technical support.  MojoHost allowed me to focus on my business and not worry about my servers. They were a godsend for me.  I cannot recommend MojoHost enough. Great hosting and bandwidth, fantastic technical support, and at a very reasonable cost.

—Jake C