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Vadim P

Despite having a Masters degree in Finance, Vadim decided not to associate himself with this profession because of the 2008 Financial Crisis (2009 was the year of his graduation). So, after working as a freelancer for some time, he got a job as a technical support representative. Now he has 8+ years of experience of working in hosting, and enjoys his occupation very much.
A huge part of Vadim’s life is soccer. He can watch soccer games all day long and he can even forget to have lunch because of that. He had a dream to become a professional player but this dream couldn’t come true due to a serious injury he had received after 8 years of hard training.
Vadim loves all kinds of animals and he is a big fan of giving them as a gift to his friends and relatives.
Another large part of his life is his friends. Every week he is waiting for his next day off just to be able to meet his friends, play poker, have some beer and catch up.