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Ruslan S MojoHost

Ruslan is 28 years old and is fond of video games. Being curious by nature, he grew up with a certain aim in mind since childhood: to learn how those awesome games are made. Hence, though he graduated from a classical higher education institution specializing in English and German languages, he started learning to write code instead of working as a translator. Though it started as a hobby, now Ruslan is learning programming languages for old processors to be able to make his own 8-bit games on authentic hardware.
With such a hobby, Ruslan decided to become a hosting support specialist. More than 5 years in this industry led him to a single conclusion: he is fond of messing with the servers, to an extent that Systems Administrator is the best work for him.
Apart from programming and video games, Ruslan is fond of science-fiction books, board games, and Japanese culture. He traveled to Europe and Egypt and hopes to visit the West Coast of the US. He’d very much like to live in Tokyo to be able to visit Akihabara whenever he wants.