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Edward MojoHost

Edward has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, but since he was always a geek, he decided to work in the IT space instead. He now has over 12 years of experience in technical support and customer service positions.

The first computer he has ever seen was his father’s Macintosh Power book 100. Edward was a high-rank Counter-Strike 1.6 player and a huge fan of Quake 3. His life’s goal is always trying to discover something new and get new experiences, especually in technology. He can spend many hours in VR games like ‘Beat saber’. But video games aren’t his only hobby. Ed plays guitar and piano, and is a huge animal lover.

This sysadmin enjoys riding around the city by old-school skateboard or a more progressive electric scooter. He is a huge movie fan and will gladly debate about almost any genre, though his favorite is dark science fiction. His favorite writers are Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein, Mikhail Bulgakov.
Edward’s rule of thumb is: “if it works – don’t mess with it”.